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    WC1 GoG on Mac OS - Finding and transferring saved games

    Thanks a ton for this!
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    BREAKING NEWS: Fatman Releases Wing Commander Music (August 2, 2007)

    I thought the music brought back all kinds of great memories. I can't wait to hear the escort mission song with the catchy little snare drum part. If I buy the album now, will i get the rest of the songs free after he releases them, or will i then have to buy the rest separately? jorj
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    "Unable to Join Game"

    The weird thing is that I had to ENABLE upnp to make it work! I was running m0n0wall ( a FreeBSD-based router package) and on their forums they talked about the Xbox Live NAT issue, and apparently there was no way to get Nat:Open with m0n0wall. Today I switched to pfSense (another router...
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    The Vega Project returns

    Wow. My bad. It's working now. jorj
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    The Vega Project returns

    Hi. About a year ago I announced that I was working on a vertical scrolling shooter for the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, that project got shelved for a number of reasons. In the last couple months I took that project off the shelf and moved it to the Microsoft XNA platform, which means it will...
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    Meeting up on Xbox Live

    Hi. I got an Xbox 360 a month or two ago and I am just starting to explore the online gaming side of it. What is the best way to hook up with other gamers here? Is there a list of gamertags somewhere or should I just glean through posts and add the names I see on cards to my friends list...