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    WANTED: Any and all WC Fanfiction Stories...

    Don't forget,you can always check out MY story since it's just very much of a thread.It's called:'Who took down the SuperCarrier?'and I made my own race up in that.Check it out.Just another allocation ;)
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    What took down the SuperCarrier?(Don't post replies,just read)

    Patrol of G'mar,15th January 2685,Chapter 1... Six Panthers are patrolling a route round about where the Nephilim Relay station got took down in WCP.Posse picks up a Confed Capship on his Nav map."Whoa,what do we have here?"Say's Posse.His five wingmen pick it up as well,now they are heading...
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    Whats the use of Capships?

    Okay,another question is why did they have to use an alien wormhole for WCP AND WC:Secret Op's? :eek: They could have put some more effort into make it some sort of super-ship,with 2 engines,3 launchers and 4 bridges!!! :p: [Edited by Ace A.E. on 12-16-2000 at 13:19]
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    Whats the use of Capships?

    I forgot about some of them.In late Prophecy missions you get to see the Ship killer.Great ship.AND you get to see Midways Plasma Gun.ARR!Answered my own question!!!:)
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    Whats the use of Capships?

    What's the use of capships?I mean,all they do is sit there at 60 kps and gun down bombers.Corvettes are OK.They go a little faster but gun down EVERYTHING they can.Plus their turrets are invulnerable.