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    Mark Hamill and Chris Roberts Together Again? (May 26, 2015)

    Huh... so THAT'S where Blair ended up after the wormhole collapsed.
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    Trailer Released!

    I've been waiting for this thing to come out since I was 18... I'm 27 now. So, please take the following with a grain of salt. I do not mean this in any way derogatory towards the SAGA team or their associates. 'Bout. Damn. Time.
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    RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

    The 'Inferno Build' link on the main page don't seem to work. Well, the original link works, but none of the links on the page the link goes to work. Am I doing something wrong? Clicking the wrong links? Is there anywhere else to get it?
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    What would you have done differently?

    WC2: Give me control of my ship so I can save Shadow, blast it! I don't know why, but I think that was part of the game that bothered me the most. It's strange, that out of all the wingmates that you lose during the course of the series, I'm most bothered by the one I only knew for a few...
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    We've Got a Secret (August 11, 2008)

    I'm logging back in (after how long?) just to say YES! AWESOME! I've been wanting to play this ever since I found out about it... but by then it had already been pulled! Now I finally get to finish Prophecy for good!
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    The 5 Deadliest Pilots

    So, what about Grayson Burrows? I mean, how many pilots can kill even a light fighter flying so well that it hits it's own missiles in a feakin' TARSUS!?
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    The Best Games Never Published

    Sam and Max: Freelance Police
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    Shield effects/missile impact

    I think the shield effect didn't appear most of the time because when the shields are overwhelemed, the effect will not appear IIRC. Since most missiles would overwhelm the shields in one hit, they usually wouldn't show an effect, but as far as prophecy goes, if you use the Tigershark's rocket...
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    Rapier Today, Gone Tomorrow (April 4, 2007)

    It almost kinda looks like they were combining the three known rapiers... I seem to see even a hint of the movie rapier in the model.
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    Cool C&C 3 find

    By the way... did you try running an engineer into one of those?
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    Cool C&C 3 find

    I'm gonna hafta look that up. I always was a fan of the GDI walkers of the second Tiberian war.
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    Shrike Three, You're Out! (September 29, 2006)

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about the launch sequences...
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    Shrike Three, You're Out! (September 29, 2006)

    I don't ever recall the Shrike being IN a pre-rendered cutscene...?
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    SciFi and Reality

    Of course, if you wanted to get REALLY nitpicky, would space fighter-craft of the future really exist as we know them? When you think about it, War is constantly evolving into a battle of who can strike first. A main component of combat even today is killing the enemy while well outside of...
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    Star Wars thread of great justice!

    Though I love flying the defenders, I have to admit that they're way too overpowered craft. Faster than anything, more maneuverable and more heavily armed and armored than any other ship out there... that's just too much. There's no balance. I've always been partial to the standard X-Wing/TIE...
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    New DOSBox Version Released (March 11, 2007)

    I've a question... does anyone know if this works with NT/200 systems? Just thought I'd ask.
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    I would like to be the first person to express my grave reservations about

    I'm not nearly the Wing Commander fan that the majority of you are. I like Wing Commander for very much the same reasons, and I find it very enjoyable to play. I come here because there are Modifications of the game that I would find very enjoyable to play. Also, there are news items...
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    Defecting to the Kilrathi

    Though I'm backing up a bit in this topic, it has always been a puzzle to me as to what Jazz's intentions were in defecting. Some here have touched upon it, but my question remains. While it is true that he lost family on the destroyed colony of Goddard, it leaves me flabbergasted that instead...
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    REQUEST: Voice acting!

    ...Acting Nearly three years ago I tried out and got a bit part, but now I'm back and available for more. I'd love to try out for another part, if you don't mind re-using an actor.
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    Future Direction for the Standoff Team

    I always felt that if UE2 ever WAS developed, it should be from the point of view of the Kilrathi; battling against their known prophecies and such.