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    Happy Bday LOAF!

    a little late.... Happy B-day, lifes too short, enjoy it while you can.
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    If the rights were bought from OSI for WC.........

    I would buy(a new game). Multiplayer (in a Privateer type universe)would be nice but, I don't think technology is quite what it needs to be for something like that.(only it would be nice if all the money we make from trading runs actually goes into our bank accounts...... [This message has...
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    We might actually make it ...

    maybe it just seems like it is taking too long. how long did we go between the earlier wc games? i don't remember their release dates.
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    We might actually make it ...

    for those interested in reviving B5into the fire, send revival email(no spams, etc) to hopefully this will sustain us 'till origin makes up its mind, or tells us for sure what the true future of WC is. thank you.
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    B5 combat simulator

    Well lets see what happens. for those of you fans of babylon 5, as well as wing commander who have heard of the B5 combat simulator and its doom, i was recently forwarded information that it might be resurrected/saved. i'll post the email address later if people are genuinely interested in...
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    if you havent guessed, go read taggert's tips and you will find my favorite maneuver, which is why i love the dragon so much. Unlimited afterburner. [This message has been edited by BurnOut (edited January 14, 2000).]
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    This is off topic, if you don't like SW, don't read.

    Now, the woman who played Queen Amidala(except in those extravagant outfits and facial paint job) was pretty cute.
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    U R A WC Junkie if...

    320: when you're finally able to add something to this list again. ------------------ mmmoooorrreee wwwiinngg cccooommmaannddeerr,,, pplleeeaaassseeeeee??
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    it's here....count on it...

    lookin pretty fancy, I saw on one of the other threads that promotion might be based on the number of posts one makes? For those of us who don't eat/sleep/breathe our computers, that doesn't seem a fair means of promotion. If that isn't how promotion is gained, please disregard the complaint...