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    Tolywn-Tyrant or Patriot?

    Calling him a patriot before WC4 is a good idea, not during. I mean, killing civilians with selective bio-bombs, instigating war... what he really wanted was to sit in his grand chair on the Vesuvius and do war with the Border Worlds. Didn't you see how happy he was in the losing endgame...
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    Severe WCP Problems

    Or as everyone likes to do, SUE! :)
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    Nephilim - An Enlightening

    Computer Generated Images, I believe.
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    When and how.....

    I believe it would be more satisfying to punch him in the face, release a whole lot of tension. Guy deserved it.
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    Nephilim - An Enlightening

    Get it filmed, hehe. Maybe a CGI version, a la Starship Troopers. Hmm.
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    WCP SO Problem

    I believe it was legal for magazines to put the episodes on their CDs when they were available for download from the official site. I have the episodes, but not the main file, which basically sucks. It is illegal to send you the files, but it is semi-legal (IMHO) to tell you that you could...
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    What's the most powerful Confed cap ship?

    Midway with the stolen plasma gun, if it could fire a second time. The Concordia was amazing... I loved watching it fry those Kilrathi Fraltha (sp?). The cannon was real cool. The Victory was pretty good, all those nice laser cannons could make a nice display.
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    What's your favorite game engine?

    I thought the WC2 engine, in its time of course, was pretty cool. Now it's just a little weird bombing a capship and slamming into it when it looks as big as your fighter. WC3... the blue backgrounds, WHY? WC4 was pretty cool, but the best was the WCP/SO engine.
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    Nephilim - An Enlightening

    Well, I'm back after a very long time to the chat zones on the CIC, and wow has it been a long time... Some of you who were around may remember that I wrote a pretty large fan fiction story called "Nephilim - An Enlightening". I sort of abandoned that after, well, people stopped reading it, and...
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    When and how.....

    And the sad thing was that he didn't know about it even when Paladin his buddy did.
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    Homeworld mod looks neat...

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Earthworm: What are the minimum reqs, and could you tell me a little about the gameplay? Not much, just the general stuff.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Recommended specs are a Pentium II 266 with 64MB RAM and a good 3D card. My...
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    Your first WC game

    Sometimes I feel that WC2 had the best story and length for a WC-game. There were so many cool missions, the Concordia was cool, there was even a love story, and one didn't really expect Jazz to be a traitor... even Stingray was cool. What happened to Stingray after WC2? (was he called Stingray...
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    Some diversity in WC-universe

    Or a poster of Stiletto in her flight suit... *sigh* ------------------ - Arnav 'Dexter' Manchanda
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    Your first WC game

    My first was WC-II with the two SpecialOps packs... it came with my first CD-ROM kit. Took me weeks to finish. Loved the ending of SO2, Jazz blowing to hell. That made my WC experience really complete. Never could blow up the Concordia though... even with the Mace nuke. ------------------ -...
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    War stories...

    Well, in SecretOps, I was being chased by a pissed-off DevilRay, and I headed towards the Cerberus for her turret fire. The DevilRay got wasted, and then suddenly the huge plasma cannon of the Cerberus loomed in front of me, and fired at another enemy right behind me, wasting me faster than...
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    Some diversity in WC-universe

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by No Regret: Yo, Dexter, are you still gonna finish the rest of your NaE story? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Oh definetely... chapter 3 is up. NAE is really an extension of how I feel the WC universe should continue...
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    Some diversity in WC-universe

    I have to agree with the people who say Wing Commander should be flight only - I really can't image RTS for it - maybe just fleet command and stuff, like the conversion boys for Homeworld are doing. The story's been left so open-ended in SecretOps, that Origin doesn't have to think hard for a...
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    Chapter 3 of NAE3 is here!

    Well, chapter 3 of 'Nephilim - An Enlightening III' has finally been posted by my lazy self... it may not be as good since I haven't written in a long time, but please vote and give me any of your suggestions to improve my writing. Please note the new address of my page :
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    WC4 Capture Transport

    The carrier in Speradon is a toughie - take out the fighters, each engine, each turret, and make the carrier go totally red. Then the stupid frigate jumps in. Why one wasn't allowed to leech it is beyond me. ------------------ - Arnav 'Dexter' Manchanda
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    I emailed Origin Tech Support, and they said one could try using a Glide Wrapper. What the heck is that? ------------------ - Arnav 'Dexter' Manchanda