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    KS WC3 + Mash patch + DDHack = success?

    Mincemeat would you be willing to make a pack and upload the two hex edited files? i have XP and just bought a copy of KS and would love to try your fix if possible but i have not hex edited anything in ages...and frankly don't remember how i did it back when.
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    Loading Kilranthi Saga on XP SP 3 Pro

    Ok thanks. What will i miss by not being able to run the ddhack? can i get a work around for XP? Looks like Mincemeat found a work around: Piggyback the patches
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    WC II Playguide by TC?

    Hi Wedge and thanks OK thanks re the play guide. and thanks for the link for his site, i had visited it last year but forgot where it was. Re the combined files, iah i see, yes they work. i had tried the mirror links by mistake thanks a lot much appreciate the help.
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    WC II Playguide by TC?

    Playguide - by TC is missing from the downloads for Wing Commander II..does anyone have a copy they can share? thanks I am also looking for HCl's movie viewer if anyone has that or a linkey. Is there a password for the ftp server for files stored there? Secret Missions 1- WC1 Addon (903k)...
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    WC3 KS Version fix on XP

    I have tried 10 times to get the dang ApplicationCompatiblityToolkitSetup.exe and the download stops at 9.6 every time. Can some kind person PLEASE upload a copy and share a link? I own a full authentic Microsoft XP installation disk and system... i will keep trying but hope someone will help...
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    Loading Kilranthi Saga on XP SP 3 Pro

    ah ha, i thought that might be the case, just wanted to be sure. I finally was able to afford K Saga and now i have the complete set as I was able to find WC IV complete with all the disks, the DOS version sadly....i will have to look into the running of it on my XP system..., and Prophecy, and...
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    Loading Kilranthi Saga on XP SP 3 Pro

    I had to enable compatability to load up the first disk with I, II and III for K Saga..but..i am wondering what the other four disks are for? It said it installed I, II and III from just the first disk. Can anyone explain how it works? thanks IV would not install yet, i will try compat....but...
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    How do I change ship textures in WC4 and Prophecy?

    Thank you both much appreciated.
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    Can Someone Help with Game Chronology?

    Thank you very much BANDIT, much appreciated.
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    How do I change ship textures in WC4 and Prophecy?

    HCI 's editing site appears to be done: does anyone have a copy of his Mission Compiler? I would like to keep a copy in my WC tool archive thanks.
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    Can Someone Help with Game Chronology?

    Can someone please tell me what the correct time wise order the games should be played? I have collected almost all of the series and would like to play them in the correct chronological order? thank you very much.....
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    The Movie - Yeah, you hate it. But how would you fix it?

    the Ships being so close to each other in space is such a dumb non realistic thing that it almost ...not quite but almost hurts the movie, i still enjoy it so much i can ignore that but that comes to mind as the first and most glaring error of any and all. It is sadly an error in many sims and...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Is Wing Commander Poised To Make a Comeback? (September 28, 2010)

    This is great news to read, along with the recent LucasArts re releases several other Majors are looking into re releasing classics and the WC series is one of the best. Great news indeed.
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    Installing with Joystick

    Hi and i am going to try out this excellent looking game. Lots of work went into this i can see. Do we need to set our Joystick settings manually or will the settings in the controls menu posted be the defaults automatically? I have a Logtec Extreme 3D Pro. Thanks.
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    WC Prophecy Error on Start

    Hi there I installed my copy of WC Prophecy on my XP sp2 AMD 3300 FX7600 and it ran ok but then i tired to put on the high res vids and the patch....and am getting a weird error and a non start, non launch. Can anyone give me any hints as to what this means? I put all the files in the...
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    Help Installing WC Prophecy from Hard Drive

    Help Installing WC Prophecy from Hard Drive I have a DVD drive that WC Prophecy wont recognize at the install, it keeps saying put the first disk in the drive when it is already IN the drive, It may be a problem caused by Starforce wtih the install of several games including X Universe 3...
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    Install bug with WCP

    This is a very timely thread, I am just now working to get my newly acquired copy of Prophecy to run, the original, NOT the Gold version. I will have to do a install by hand, and this looks very promising. One question, in the instructions for the cfg file, i saw the following: Turns off...
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    Suggestions on Order of Play of WC Games?

    thanks for all the suggestions much appreciated. I have not had any problem running my Kilrathi Saga versions of WC I and II on XP at all, they run flawlessly. The other DOS ones seem fine too, so far. Thanks again for all the info and replies. Much appreciated.:)
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    WC3 Problem

    There are a lot of copies of III out there as I have been researching recently, and you should be able to get a copy pretty easily. Good luck.:)
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    Suggestions on Order of Play of WC Games?

    Just got a copy of WC Prophecy, the original, not the Gold Version. Will see how the files are tomorrow. I gave WC I and II a test run from the Kilrathi set and they both work great on XP great colour, sound and video motion seems fine. The Intro video for the Kilrathi Saga is quite nice, and...