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    Calling all fans.

    Here, I've got something privateer-esque. Actually just the beginning about a mercenary group. It definitely breaches the traditional WC genre. I've only got two or three stories up there, school work cuts into my writing time, but I'm gonna jump back into the stories soon. Check them...
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    A little "something something"

    Torgo is the name of a character from an Old B horror flick: Manos Hands of fate. It's one of those little cult things that has been spread all over, like there is a comic where the characters name is based off of it. Just saw the name and thought of that, so had to say something about...
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    A little "something something"

    TORGO!!!! Manos hand's of Fate!!!!!!!!! Sluggy freelance. <as I pop in from my busy schedule, for just a brief moment before disapearing back into the hectics of my academic life :()
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    God that'd be nice! (well all except the mac part:D, Joking man.) The best you can get as far as multiplayer space sims in the style of WC (IMO) is Tachyon: The Fringe. But I don't know if a mac version exists for that.
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    (Super-)Video CDs made out of the WCA .AVIs

    DAMN STRAIGHT I've got a Vodoo 3 3500 card with TV - Out and I' can't configure the thing to work at all. But it would be a cool idea to watch the episodes on TV. Say I've got another questiong about the WCA episodes. When I play them I get no sound:confused: ? Anyone know of why...
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    Privateer 2

    Hey Propain, 1.) Yeah it is the same commodities training, killing for bounties, and doing plot based missions that Priv 1 was. 2.) Positive points - better game engine :) - movie cinematics - I liked the idea of piloting a fighter and protecting a cargo ship rather than piloting a...
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    turrets in privateer

    I know what your talking about. There is stuff called abandonware, and someone says privateer is one apparently. The concept goes. Game is no longer cutting edge, company won't care if it gets ripped and sent out. While sometimes this is true, it is risky. Some places are anal about...
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    The originals

    hmmmm, I have all that stuff. Am I going to give it up or sell it. hmmmm, no :). but yeah, what they said.
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    Kilrathi ship design theory, compared to Terran design theory.

    IMO, I'd have to imagine that Kilrathi ships and bases would be bigger than terran ones. One because they are significantly taller, and two casue the bigger you are the more intimidating you are. He's arnold arnold arnold arnold rimmer . . . :D
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    What's your (Call)Sign?

    I usually go by Arcadian. It's a phonetic trasnferrance of my initials and my last name. R K Dean. It's also the peaceful mountain country next to greece, until it was absorbed by greece. I also go by, JA, Dragon, Jodan, Arcadi, and Smeghead. :D
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    Wing Commander Privateer

    Hey Porc? How's about a link to a file like that. So as not to take up unnecesary CZ server space, and to make it a little more accesible. Then put a link up to it in this thread or something of the nature.
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    Bumper stickers on fighters

    hmmm for a turret? "Stare closely to see fireworks" "Don't blink, you'll miss your death" "If you spent time reading this instead of evading, you're just plain stupid"
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    You know, I've always thought hobbes was truly innocent. I mean if they can implant a whole new mind onto him to make him go to the terran side, couldn't the traitor to the terran mindest have been the actual implant. Maybe they knew he was going to go traitor and said, hey lets give him a...
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    Prophecy Poll

    They won't let you download the SO missions anymore just the first.
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    I prefer Redheads on the left, blondes on the right. Me in the middle.
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    Prophecy Poll

    I might, if just to get the Secret Ops in their entirety
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    Hello, I'm new here

    Mpanty, I've got a guy working on an Unreal Level of the Mjlnor now too. So you can actually walk through it, and blow people up if you really want;). I'm working on a new story, but something happened on the server so I need to fix some stuff with the webpage. I lost my priavteer 2...
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    Hello, I'm new here

    See, I'm nice to Mpanty cause he gave props to my fanfics. ;)
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    Hello, I'm new here

    Hello Newbies. May all your posts on teh board be well recieved, and you not piss off anyone important. Like Bandit LOAF, or KrisV, or MPANTY. They're all pretty cool guys so you shouldn't have problems. Lehah doesn't matter, you can piss him off. (I am being sarcastic, peoples. It's a...
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    What is the best ship in P2

    The coolest guns in the game only come when you hex edit a saved game to get capship guns:D. A temblor flies in front of you but doesn't fly away :D pity all your energy is drained after that . . .:rolleyes: