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    WCIV Destroying Gun Turrets

    I'm trying to capture a Cap ship. Need to destroy its gun turrets and engines. Tried parking and just lassering them - nothing. Shot dumb missle and all I do is destroy the whole vessel. How do you destroy just the turrets? Haven't even got to the engines. How do I destroy them? Thanks Guys...
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    WC4 Capture Transport

    On this mission Decker and marines are dropped off in pods to disable a ground station. After retrieving them and on the way back I receive a message to disable a transport and take control of it. After blasting the transport with a couple of dumb missiles, it is about 30% in the red zone. How...
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    WC4- Death Of Catscratch

    Having a hard time saving Catscratch. After answering his distress call and destroying all the bandits, I search my radar. All I see is his disabled ship and a piece of space junk. I tried beaming on both of them to no avail. The beam is working fine. Is there a time limit for the rescue? I...