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    This is off topic, if you don't like SW, don't read.

    I think the Phantom Menace was so hyped up that no matter how good the film was in the end it still wouldn't have met everyones expectations, so it was almost doomed from the start to get more than the usual amount of criticism.
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    WC Novels?

    Ta very much everyone for all the help.
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    WC Novels?

    Cheers very much Earthworm, I'm sure I'll find them somewhere, Yahoo Auctions would probably be a good place to start I suppose
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    WC Novels?

    I just read a post a saw a mention of WC novels. Does anyone know if they are available in the UK and if so do you know of anyone, mail order or otherwise, who stocks them
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    Really Narked at Origin/EA.

    Thats better!
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    Really Narked at Origin/EA.

    Does that mean your not going to help him? ) If not, could you have a look at my problems? Pleeeeaase?
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    WC1,WC2,WcArmada - Help Me!!!!!

    OK I'm just about at busting point here! I recently picked up WC1+2 and also WC Armada but I can't get them to run cos they want that darn conventional mem. They're lookin' for 586k of it no matter how hard I try I can't get to that point. I've messed around with my config.sys file and no matter...
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    WC Prophecy Video help needed

    A friend of mine had the same problem. Try changing your sound card settings to either Full Duplex or select its output as a game compatible device. Doing this seemed to solve his problem
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    Privateer2-Way 2 fast

    I got a bit of a problem with Privateer2. I used to be playing it on a P75 with 8Mb of RAM, but recently got rid of it and built a Cel 400 with 32Mb of RAM a SB128 and a Voodoo Banshee. Now when I try to play the game on this computer it is a completely unplayable speed. I spent an hour and a...
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    Really Narked at Origin/EA.

    although this site is not Origin, why not try giving us some info on what hardware you have(exact types of video/sound card), what drivers you have and other general specs of your machine and some of us may be able to help.