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    How to: cheating/casualing shields, armor speed - save file edit

    DO NOT use a spreadsheet. You can use it to view but NOT to edit. Use notepad++ to do any editing. Spreadsheets can break the formmating and truncate some of the longer text fields and break the game.
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    itts always centered

    True if you buy a Tractor beam it will break ITTS. One way you can fix that is to edit the units.csv with notepad++ (do NOT use a spread sheet or Notepad or other text editor) - and look at the ships at the beginning of the file and compare them. You will some that have Turrets already...
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    Is there any ACTIVE PGG forum?

    I would not quite call New Detroit com link completely dead. I've been playing and modifying PGG for over 6 months or so now and I do most of my posting on New Detroit com. I'm hoping the Vega Strike forum and some of the folks there are continuing to try to develop and finish WC Universe (I...
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    I hope someone can help me with Privateer Gemini Gold. I'm using Pod's TweakPak and I've done some mods of my own. The mods I've done are mainly realted to Engine and Shields and Mounts. I don't think my mods are the problem because I'm only crashing in system XXN-1927. This happens with a...