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  1. TopGun

    London Film & Comic Con 2017 - Tom Wilson & John Rhys-Davies

    I was the guy behind you, probably should've known that you would be on the CIC :D Anyway, as kirby said I got the cover to my Playstation copy of Wing Commander III signed by John, I had hoped to get Tom to sign it too but wasn't able to get a virtual ticket for him. I also had a photo done...
  2. TopGun


    I still play Starlancer occasionally aswell as Freelancer
  3. TopGun

    My first WC movie figure

    Thanks Loaf. I've added the figure to my meagre collection (there also two figures from Star Trek that are on a different wall)
  4. TopGun

    My first WC movie figure

    I picked up this Kilrathi figure from Instagram for $27.50 (including shipping to the UK), arrived within a week :D
  5. TopGun

    New Wingnut inc.!!!

    Belated congrats
  6. TopGun

    Commissioned Naval Officer!

    Congrats Sylvester
  7. TopGun

    Enterprise Props

    Very cool all round
  8. TopGun

    Vulcan Bomber Cockpit in 360°

    Very nice.
  9. TopGun

    The Wedding of FrostyTP and Nutmeg

    Belated congrats to you two
  10. TopGun

    How many of us are in the Armed Forces?

    No military service here, although I have the biggest respect for those that do serve, especially in these modern stress-filled times.
  11. TopGun

    Accepted to Flight School!

    Congrats and good luck for when you start training
  12. TopGun

    The Big C word.......

    Sorry to hear about this Youngblood. Hang in there
  13. TopGun

    BREAKING NEWS: FOX to Re-Release Wing Commander DVD (September 17, 2011)

    I do like the looks of the cover
  14. TopGun

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Academy on DVD (September 1, 2011)

    A region 2 release would be great. If not I'll may have to get an external DVD drive for my mac and have it set as Region 1 There used to be a disc you could get for the PS2 from places like HMV that allowed you to temporarily change the region of your console (until next restart) I wonder if...
  15. TopGun

    Wing Commander's a Hit! (August 26, 2011)

    That's excellent
  16. TopGun

    Wing Commander's a Hit! (August 26, 2011)

    That's excellent
  17. TopGun

    New version of DOS game emulator for Mac

    I use Dapplegrey as my DOSBox GUI works a treat
  18. TopGun

    Classic Designs Making a Comeback (July 3, 2011)

    I thought it looked like Blender. I've only just started to use Blender
  19. TopGun

    Classic Designs Making a Comeback (July 3, 2011)

    Looks great. What program did you use?