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  1. Nomad Terror

    Good Luck Curiosity! (August 4, 2012)

    Congratulations to Eddie and the rest of the MSL team! There was no way on Earth I was missing this.
  2. Nomad Terror

    Open questions thread from Ginger Lynn Allen

    Hey, Ginger. Which cast member do you think was your favorite to work with? Mark Hamill or Tom Wilson seem like obvious choices, but how about Jason Bernard or Malcolm McDowell?
  3. Nomad Terror

    Is WC Kilrathi Saga still desirable?

    We only have so1.exe in the patches section. As of yet, the only way to legitimately obtain so2.exe is by copying it off physical media. We do carry SO1 and SO2 for the Kilrathi Saga version of Wing2, but this doesn't work in the DOS version, which is what GoG's version uses.
  4. Nomad Terror

    Kotaku Isn't Interesting or Good (June 29, 2012)

    I always liked how people try to apply 20th and 21st century military protocol to a fictional 27th century military. Oh, wait. No I didn't.
  5. Nomad Terror

    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    Portal has been bundled and made free a lot. That attracted more of an audience to it than would have normally just bought it outright. Some significant percentage of these people would have played until the puzzles became significantly harder and became frustrated and quit, or played a few...
  6. Nomad Terror

    Is Wing Commander 3 worth buying on GoG if I already own it on 3DO?

    As the other commenters have said, buy it for the experience, buy it for the extras, buy it to show EA people still love Wing Commander.
  7. Nomad Terror

    Wing Commander Academy DVD

    PowerDVD likely respects the region code of the drive, while VLC is able to bypass it.
  8. Nomad Terror

    Traitors Tried in the Court of Public Opinion (June 9, 2012)

    I agree with this. If nothing else, the WC2 intro proved that Blair was of course just a cog in the gears of the war machine, no different from any other soldier. The war went on without him, Confed didn't lose without him. His friends advanced their careers, earned commands, became aces without...
  9. Nomad Terror

    Origin Pricing Guide circa???

    They run sales periodically. Last holiday season practically the entire catalog was half-off. So I'm sure there'll be another chance to nab them half-off sometime.
  10. Nomad Terror

    Strike Carrier Escorts & Move Air Masks

    The commonly accepted view is that when traveling long distances, the ships are in fact traveling at klicks per second, only slowing down when engaging in combat or navigational maneuvers.
  11. Nomad Terror

    What would a "completed" Behemoth look like?

    I like how you've reimagined the idea of the bridge being physically separated from the gun barrel. And, is that a hangar deck on the ventral side?
  12. Nomad Terror

    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    Did you know that the manuals and books establish the cartoon and movie as canon?
  13. Nomad Terror

    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    I hope you weren't *actually* considering that Jalthi are actually green Salthi and that Ventures carry fighters?
  14. Nomad Terror

    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    I've always figured that, as the "Blue Angels" were the well-known Naval acrobatic team, it was then a cultural reference rather than a religious one.
  15. Nomad Terror

    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    Yeah, definitely every one of those turrets should be a Behemoth gun.
  16. Nomad Terror

    Corvettes: Paradigm vs Venture?

    You should put the Behemoth gun on the Paradigm.
  17. Nomad Terror

    Fralthra WIP

    It's clearly a stylized Fralthra, what with the body shape, side pods and ventral bulb.
  18. Nomad Terror

    Conquest 2: Vyrium Uprising - Kickstarter project

    I donated two brazilian dollars!
  19. Nomad Terror

    I didn't know Flint was from earth!

    Or if you're a Chinese spammer. fun, pleasure, enjoyment