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    (April 1, 2012)

    nice :)
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    Joystick probs

    yeah seems i had 2 remap most ,sorted now thx :) where controls said pad i thought gamepad not keypad :)
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    Joystick probs

    ok I have a cyborg evo but only left right up down work ,i check settings in game and they say mapped to pad controls ,i dont have a gamepad ,I setup as joystick and it still uses gamepad controls ! any idea how i can fix pls ? never had same prob in prologue tho
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    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    so may thanks to all that have worked on this :D xx
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    You Killer Bees Have the Next Shift (December 9, 2010)

    I really like this ,nice work :)
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    We've Got a Secret (August 11, 2008)

    Very nice thank you:D I last downloaded them at 28k many years ago ~~~
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    New Detroit

    Nice :) I really am impressed:D
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    A Playtester's Guide (July 2, 2008)

    I completed it and had loads fun doing so ,never had inet access so just kept at it :D
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    FreeSpace Joins the Arcade (April 1, 2007)

    made me laugh :)
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    cant get turrets to do anything in gemini gold?

    My config file entries are same as the last set u gave and i dont have autoturrets? ahh think i have it correctly now was the --> i hadnt removed
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    Gemini Remake

    Nice work guys runs great on XP,missed it first time around ,still has playability :)
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    Standoff Episode 2 - certainly not disappointing

    Is the sim available in first missions?
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    How do i register for WC Secret ops

    I managed to find my copy of Prophecy Gold with Secret Ops so didnt need to register anyway:)
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    How do i register for WC Secret ops

    I just tried that myself and i filled in the form ok,but when i submitted it i got a message saying"due to the sensitive nature they only accept official forms" or something along those lines.