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    Kilrathi Saga up for sale

    On the surface, KS seems like a great deal, but the WC2 port is horribly bugged, and it is nearly impossible to get WC3 to run correctly under XP. Honestly, I found it easier just to get the original versions of WC1, 2, and 3 to run under DOSBox than to try to get KS to work right. Then...
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    Panic ensues in rush for cheap laptops (pictures)

    I don't live all that far from Richmond, and happen to know someone who showed up to get a cheap iBook. After seeing the line, he opted out. There were only 1,000 iBooks being given away, and from what he was saying there had to be at least 2,000 people there. He got there at 5 in the...
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    Live 8 - G8 Summit

    While I don't expect Live 8 to actually accomplish anything, it was nice to see Pink Floyd perform again. Africa has far too many problems to solve through aid alone, though the debt cancellation is a good idea. It's not like the countries who made the loans are ever going to get the...
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    The Bloodfang

    But can you run from a fully-laden african swallow?
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    Metallica game from Vivendi Universal

    Anyone remember that Aerosmith arcade game? There's a reason such tie-ins crash and burn horribly.
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    Dawn of war

    It's looking like Winter Assault will be released this winter, and from the E3 video I saw of it the man giving the presentation (from Relic, and a huge WH40K nut by the way he was talking about the Orks) said that there would be a "Good" and "Evil" campaign. Imperial Guard was said to be ONE...
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    Dawn of war

    There is an expansion coming out, called Winter Assault. It gives you two campaigns, one "good" (Imperial Guard/Eldar) the other "evil" (Orks/Chaos). The Space Marines just have a cameo appearance, as we've already played as them, right? :p Apparantly, Relic listened to everyone's...
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    USS San Francisco SSN-711

    What do you think would make more noise, blowing the ballast tanks, or maintaining neutral buoyancy while setting the planes up a few degrees? Remember, if you make noise, you're as good as dead.
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    USS San Francisco SSN-711

    Is this a problem with the older fast attacks (Permits and Sturgeons) and the Ohios, or is this something unique to the Los Angeles-class? I never knew about the single watertight door before.
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    USS San Francisco SSN-711

    Do any of the reports have anything on the depth the collision happened at? Either way, the captain did well to get his boat up onto the surface before it flooded too badly.
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    Stacking Shields/Armor

    Sounds like you have an onboard graphics card, which isn't all that great. If you have the cash to spare, I'd look into getting a better graphics card.
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    My favorite WWII movie

    That's an understatement. A Bridge Too Far was an excellent movie, especially the scenes where the British airborne are fighting off the Germans in Arnhem. You knew they wouldn't make it out of there, yet the movie kept giving you glimpses of hope that maybe, just maybe, XXX Corps would...
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    Most Dominant Fighter of it's time...

    I had to vote for the Raptor. In WC1, there was only ONE Kilrathi fighter (the Salthi) that could outrun and outmaneuver you, but one or two salvos from full guns will take care of them. Everything else is either outgunned, outmaneuvered, or left in the dust. Usually, it was a combination of...
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    My favorite WWII movie

    Midway took most of the footage used in Tora Tora Tora! and added in a couple incorrect Japanese carriers (most at Midway had no island structure) and a shitty love story. Tora Tora Tora was, and is, the best movie ever made about Pearl Harbor. Now, if someone would make a movie about the...
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    My favorite WWII movie

    I need to scan in the photos I took of the Memphis Belle several years ago. I was driving cross-country, and a relative of mine told me where the plane was. Since I had to drive through Memphis anyways, I stopped and went over to the little exhibit they have (had?) set up. It was on a little...
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    Confederation at War

    IIRC, WC2 AMGs did not ignore the shields. This was a moot point, as one hit would rip away the shields and severely damage the hull. I did get a laugh out of picturing the US Cavalry rolling up to an Apache encampment in what would essentially be an uparmored Conestoga wagon...
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    Doom III Expansion

    Now that I think about it, I would kill for a straight-up port of System Shock 2 into the Doom 3 engine. Too bad the license will never be released.
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    Doom III Expansion

    Did you ever play Serious Sam co-op? That's insane, and fun as hell.
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    Doom III Expansion

    The first few hours were great, especially the very beginning when the hellbeasts begin spawning all over the place. My problem was that, after a few fantastic scenes, the level creators said "screw this," and basically repeated the same scenario with different corridors. It got old REALLY...
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    Doom III Expansion

    Doom 1 and 2 are better games than Doom 3. Despite the pretty graphics, Doom 3 is a bore. It's tries to be a combination of System Shock 2 and Doom, and fails at both. The story was blander than hell, and the fights in the game, after the first hour or so, followed the following formula...