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    Back from Texas (yay!)

    Hey all from Texas. Nothing is worse than the I-30:I-35 interchange in downtown Dallas. But Loaf's right I got lost for an hour going through Austin to San Antonio just to find out I was going the right way the whole time.
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    15 years man has time flown! I was an old man of 26 in '91 and found Wing Commander in a Best Buy in Mesquite, Texas. I only had a 286 at the time and, as many of you can relate, it started an upgrade frenzy. I have learned more about PC and how to configure them from games than any source hands...
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    WC fans are Republicans?

    Hello everyone, I know a lot of you do not know me but I have been hanging around for several years. I do not often reply because most of the time I am at work and you people have much more knowlege of wing commander than I do. But I would like to respond to this thread because it is very...
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    Other space combat sims: Tachyon: the Fringe

    Hi everyone, I was just checking the happenings of the board and ran across this thread. I would like to chime in and say that first and foremost Wing Commander has been my most favorite game of all time. Since picking up WC1 back in '91 I have loved this series. I to pray that someday we will...
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    Back to an old one

    I haven't posted in a while but I stop by to keep up with what is going on. I am glad to see I am not the oldest here at 38. I also reside in the Lone Star State (Texas) in a small town in East Texas called Sulphur Springs ever hear of it Ripper?
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    Have you gotten your GBA yet?

    GBA I bought one for my 5 year old son. He is really into DragonBall Z so I bought Goku's Quest or something like that. He doesn't even play with it anymore. I find it kind of fun but I cannot do it for very long as the tiny screen gives me a headache. My son has his own computer that I...
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    Thought experiment

    Back in time If I could go back I would tell myself that love in high school is not that serious and to kick back and have fun. She won't be that pretty in 10 years. Also to stop farting off in algebra and geometry. I will be thankfull in the future.
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    Please explain DragonBall Z

    I have a five year old son who is really into DragonBall and DragonBall Z. He even wants to be Goku for Halloween. Here is my problem I haven't seen enough of the episodes to understand what the hell is going on. So if someone here doesn't mind please explain this show to me. I do not want...
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    DragonCon Thread!

    Mullets Ah...mullets reminds of my youth. I would love to go but my wife will be having our second child later this summer so I must save my vacation time for the blessed event (wife's orders).
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    Has Chris Roberts ever been in this forum?

    I agree, I only have an hour or two each night to play a game. So I am more interested in the story. Please don't flame me! I do enjoy an occansional frag fest. I would prefer a deeply immersive story that I could follow at my own pace rather than a free for all blood bath where I have to wait...
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    Possibilities since fs2 source was released.

    Wife You guy's have no idea. My wife once asked me why I don't look at porn like a normal guy (what she doesn't know...).
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    Possibilities since fs2 source was released.

    FRED2 I played around with fred in FS2 but soon got discouraged with it because I couldn't land on any Capital Ship. I even tried to fly into the Shivan Juggernaught and died. If someone could reprogram Freespace to allow carrier landings and ejection instead of the shitty ALT-J endings...
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    Possibilities since fs2 source was released.

    FS Problems I have been following this thread for a couple of days and there is, as always, no clear definition of why people dislike the Freespace games. May I suggest that one reason people don't like freespace as opposed to Wing Commander is emotional investment. I use myself as an...
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    Happy Birthday Loaf!

    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday and congratulations.
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    PC Gamer PC Gamer gave the Wing Commander Series a best of all time.
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    yet another fan movie in the works :)

    Movie Animations I am very impressed by the talent this board and others seem to attract. How the hell do you guys learn all this stuff? Is it being taught in the high schools or are you taking college courses in it. My main experience is with AutoCad and while I can make 3D models of houses...
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    WC Movie Sequel

    if anyone is interested I would love to see the next WC movie be completely CG like that Final Fantasy movie. While the story sucked root the animation of humans and ships was great. I sometimes still watch it for the spaceship sequences. If it is done this way maybe it would not be hard to...
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    A New Enemy for Confed??

    New Races to Fight I personally thought the story concept for the BattleTech cartoon series was cool. A group of people split from society and fled to the stars. Centuries later the society is attacked and come to find out it is the ancestors of the splinter group. They have created their own...
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    FS2 WC Mod

    Learning about modding I would like to learn about modding however I do not have a clue where to start. The vocabulary is even beyond me. What is a mesh, what is a texture, are they the same? I work in Autocad 14 almost all day I can do 3d in Autocad but it is not very good due to Autocad's...
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    Hell fuckin' yeah!

    Loaf, How long have you been known something like this was in the works? This is not a gripe at all just wanted to give kudos for helping keep the spirit alive.