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  1. Haesslich

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    Breaking comm silence to say 'FINALLY'. :D
  2. Haesslich

    Tabula Rasa Ends... (November 23, 2008)

    I really wish that they'd taken some lessons from how Anarchy Online and Neocron fared, along with one of the few really successful MMO's with an original sci-fi premise I know of; EVE Online. Anarchy Online and Neocron had previously tried the online sci-fi MMO thing (to a degree)... and I've...
  3. Haesslich

    What makes a JumpScout?

    And didn't she get a mention in the Official Guide to Wing Commander 1 & 2? And there was a note from her on the cover page of the WC1 manual in Kilrathi Saga, IIRC. Yup - resurrecting two-week old threads, that's me.
  4. Haesslich

    A question & then a proposal:

    They could laugh over what they'll do to Gaius Baltar when they find him.
  5. Haesslich

    Apple demoed an intriguing looking game on iPhone...

    In Metroid, the touchscreen actually IS kinda useful... but I don't like it. In the Zelda game, it's better as far as controls go, since they make it actually useful. However, as a rule, I generally try to stick with the normal controls when possible as it's easier to hold a DS with both of them.
  6. Haesslich

    What happened to Blair? (spoilers within)

    And to quote the ISDN article for Episode 1, which precedes the article that Chris quoted earlier (from Episode 2)... 'Presumed dead' is pretty definitive for what they're assuming in-game. Out of game, as LOAF and everyone else has stated, there were no set plans when they did the initial...
  7. Haesslich

    The Prophecy

    Farbourne: The official reason he WAS on the tower was a) they couldn't spare any Marines - all of them were stuck on the other Tower and pinned under fire, and b) he was more knowledgeable about the design (from the inside) than anyone else because he'd been stuck inside such surroundings for...
  8. Haesslich

    The Wing Commander Universe Against the Real Universe

    That's what it looks like, outside of a few obvious ones like Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Procyon, etc.
  9. Haesslich

    The Wing Commander Universe Against the Real Universe

    Ah, but Star Trek uses a FTL technology which does cross the intervening distance, which means that you can use a measure like '4 lightyears away', and then at least look at the stars nearby - plus the producers and writers actually tag those systems by the name of the star, then have the...
  10. Haesslich

    The Wing Commander Universe Against the Real Universe

    As Moonsword has pointed out, all of our WC maps are Akwende projections - they don't show the actual location in space where a star is; they only show how to get to point A from point B... and even if those two stars are like a light year or three apart, you could end up jumping to a star 20...
  11. Haesslich

    So...who EXACTLY are the 'Retros'?

    Fanatics are kinda funny that way.
  12. Haesslich

    Confed Corvettes

    Let's hope we don't see any Pinto dropships. At least not on the Confederation's side.
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    We needs more coffee, yup.
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    It's also described in End Run when Hunter lands on Hell Hole the first time. A St. Andrew's Cross looks like this (and is the national flag of Scotland):
  15. Haesslich

    Attack on Pegasus

    The Star*Soldier PDF file (it's the manual for Wing Commander: Arena on XBL): The Confederation Handbook:
  16. Haesslich

    Be prepared for LARGE fines and HARD time if your with me

    It wouldn't be a -bad- guess, but I suspect it was more to test the waters for whether the market would buy a space sim, which is what WC basically is at its core. Arena seems to have proven that, even at a reasonable price, space sims are small change, or so it seems. Which means no money...
  17. Haesslich

    Be prepared for LARGE fines and HARD time if your with me

    I want some pie. Besides, this site has bunches of Wing Commander items to download - patches, documents, and so forth. They'd be more likely to decide that there'd be no money if we were pirating everything, and deep-six the property, than to make another game. Besides, what do you think...
  18. Haesslich

    Hellcat V vs. Rapier II

    I was only trying to point out that we do know that the Rapier II -did- evolve, and we've seen one of the end products as of 2701; namely Rapier II's for sale to non-Fleet personnel, in a configuration which was combat-tested during the Nephilim war. We MAY be able to use this as a basis for...
  19. Haesslich

    Hellcat V vs. Rapier II

    Actually, that's not technically true - they show up in the Star*Soldier manual on the page after the Arrow, and they have less speed, the same amount of shielding, but twice the armor and guns (and missiles) of an equivalent Arrow. As you've stated, it's just that they're apparently not used...
  20. Haesslich

    Mandarins, heroes in another timeline...

    Nope, they just landed (in the game), and to quote the script: And later on, we get this: The 'vector' was just wind patterns, dropping the nanomachines all over the planet. The doctors in the novel and Blair in the game merely landed near the capital. Later on, Blair comments that...