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    Important: Update your video card drivers. Really !

    Playing in Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) using Wine 1.1.27 and Nvidia's proprietary drivers (first v. 180 distributed with Ubuntu and now 185 compiled separately), Standoff plays very well with all of the graphics features... ...except anti-aliasing. Any degree of anti-aliasing causes the on-ship menus...
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    Welcome Aboard! (April 2, 2007)

    I know what you mean, Vinman. Frosty's been here for a lot longer than me, and I've been here on-and-off since before the first birthday party. I always thought he was more than just an active Wingnut. Congratulations, Frosty!
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    Problem with capturing Kilrah Capship

    Yes, the Ralari mission is the one I'm reminded of. Again, I've never played Unknown Enemy, but the way this mission is described on this thread makes the two missions sound similar.
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    Problem with capturing Kilrah Capship

    I haven't played Unknown Enemy, but that mission sounds awfully familiar... ;-)
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    Wingcommander RANK

    You might be confusing Navy ranks with those of the other Armed Forces with Vagabond's rank. The Navy insignia for Lieutenant is the same as Captain for the others. Also, in what part of WC4 does Maniac wear different ranks? I'm not questioning that he does, but it might matter where in the game...
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    F-104 vs. MiG-21

    I just looked that up. Pretty amazing, actually. It happened in 1983...
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    F-104 vs. MiG-21

    I've got the image running through my head of the F-104 from the movie The Right Stuff spinning out of control, falling like a giant silver cigar out of the sky...
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    Mark Your Calendars For The CIC Birthday Party (June 12, 2006)

    I'll have to grep through the logs to see which ones I've attended, but I'm pretty sure I was at the first. I'm looking forward to this year's party! I've missed chatting with everyone on #Wingnut.
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    Mark Your Calendars For The CIC Birthday Party (June 12, 2006)

    I might actually get to join in for the whole party this year, for the first time in... wow, eight years. It's good to be so near to graduation. My first real job is so close I can almost taste it...
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    McDonalds has a new bacon cheeseburger

    I'll second the Whataburger nod. I just wish there was a Whataburger closer to me than the one in Jackson, MS.
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    Contrasting Fleets Wallpapered In Style (January 7, 2006)

    The Hakaga image links to the "standoff wallpaper" image.
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    Fun, pleasure, enjoyment

    That would be a sad way to make a living.
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    Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    I saw them last month in Birmingham, AL. Recordings can't do them justice. They're incredible live. Actually the guitar players of the TSO half that played in Birmingham (The TSO West touring company) are Angus Clark and Al Pitrelli. Al played with Alice Cooper, Asia and Megadeath before TSO...
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    Vesuvius Vs Star Destroyer

    It'll be all over when they figure out what those two spheres do on the Star Destroyer...
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    Who knows how to make a website?

    Hey QuailPilot. If you follow those links Frosty gave you and learn from them, you'll be fine. You'll need to know HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). If you use both properly (HTML for stucture only, no tables for your layout, and CSS for style) then your files will be smaller, your markup...
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    Kilrathi Saga on a modern engine

    To be sure, it's 64-bit and 32-bit processors. A full and faithful WC remake isn't likely to happen for several reasons already discussed on the forum. The good news is we have several active, creative and talented teams of fans that can accomplish better things than simply recreating the...
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    Prepare To Cloak Your Desktop (August 20, 2005)

    I used a tutorial a few years ago to create asteroids that look strikingly similar to yours. Good work, man.
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    Linux - KDE or Grome

    Well, there's a little bit more to it than that; KDE and Gnome are software suites. In addition to the graphical layer running on top of X (KDE was built on Qt, Gnome on GTK, IFRC), both are complete with text editors, file browsers, web browsers, chat clients, configuration programs, etc. I've...
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    Problem in 3DSMax 6

    There are several JPEG Optimizers out there that you could try. Also, consider that JPEG filesize increases with detail, image size and the "diversity" of colors in the image. A good idea is to render it in the highest quality, then do post-render image optimization in a program like Photoshop...
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    Fraternity and Sorority

    I believe honorary/service frats/sororities where mentioned somewhere up there, so I'll expound on the one I'm in. Kappa Kappa Psi is the national honorary service fraternity for college bandmembers. There are several differences between KKPsi and social frats, but similarities include a...