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    Howto enable RF?

    Just go to Jolson in XXN-1927.
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    wishlist for 2.0 or latter

    I hear Tr'pakh is nice this time of year... (Too bad the Gothri doesn't have a cockpit yet)
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    Joystick weirdness

    Conifg for saitek joysticks The throttle and z aixs are in the wrong order, and the z axis is reversed on these controllers. Use these lines in your config if you have a saitek joystick: <axis name="x" joystick="0" axis="0" inverse="false" /> <axis name="y" joystick="0" axis="1"...
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    There's a side campaign besides the original two?! Where do I go to start this?
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    That's exactly why they have turrets. ;)
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    Here's a hint: while you are busy with the Palan missions, land on either base in that system and look under the Mercenary: light category in the shiplist.
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    Is there a way to swap components between the ships in your fleet?

    I have a Centurion and a Demon and i'd like to be able to swap components between them. Is there a way to do this? [Spoiler alert: don't read below unless you want info on part of the campaign.] Specifically, i'm...
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    3rd Oxford Mission

    After reading everything about this mission here, I beat it on my first attempt. I was in a Centurion with four tachyon cannons all with auto tracking, a tachyon turret, and 20 FF missiles. Of course, those 4 confed escorts I hired on the mission before that didn't hurt either. Four...
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    Windows 2000 & WCP

    everything you need is here:
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    My Privateer Thread

    The first time I played privateer I built up my money and purchased/equipped a new ship just by piracy. Some of those draymans sure dumped valuable cargo when they blew up. Needless to say, the only ones not gunning for me were the pirates (I wasn't near Kilrathi space yet - I later found out...
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    My Privateer Thread

    When RF came around with the new upgrades and the level 7 shields and generators the Orion was by far my favorite ship. Once I fully equipped it and added the gun cooler and two fusion guns I had unlimited firepower and completely owned the retros in the last mission.
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    I just tested it again and Prophecy will also run in Direct3d mode just fine. You can change it to direct3d by changing one setting in the prophecy.cfg I created earlier: installDirectory=d:\prophecy cdDirectory=E:\ rasterMajor=5 useDirectSound=1 useStreamer=0
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    Btw, that was Prophecy that I am having the problem with. I wish video skipping was my only problem. It will always crash on me during missions, no matter what acceleration I change, what compatibility mode I run it in and whatever video mode I run it in(Direct3d or Software). Edit: I now...
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    Well I feel your pain. Not only do I have Win2k, but I also have a SoundBlaster live card. I've tried all acceleration modes for video and sound, switching between Direct3d and Software, running in Win98 and 95 compatibility modes and I still get crashes or fatal errors. I also tried the...