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  1. razgriz21

    Richard Garriott's Horror SPACE!

    Should be better then Apollo 18.
  2. razgriz21

    Mass Effect 3

    Liking the game on my PS3. Really hate how the journal doesn't update like it does in Mass Effect 2 and the game crashing to get to the Citadel Refugee Camp.
  3. razgriz21

    BREAKING NEWS: Is Wing Commander Poised To Make a Comeback? (September 28, 2010)

    I would love the same to happen to Heart of The Tiger and The Price of Freedom but in all due time.
  4. razgriz21

    Excalibur Heavy Fighter

    Awesome. I would like to get one for real.
  5. razgriz21

    Dragoncon: the return

    I should really get to a show near Indianapolis or Cincinnati.
  6. razgriz21

    DragonCon Starting to Wrap Up (September 5, 2010)

    Summer Glau is a beauty. How friendly was she?
  7. razgriz21

    Did you like the Wing Commander movie?

    I'd rather watch Wing Commander then Transformers 2 (and I used to like that movie until Inception came out).
  8. razgriz21

    Excalibur Heavy Fighter

    They look awesome.
  9. razgriz21

    Favorite movies (by genre)

    Here are some by genre Action Die Hard Trilogy The Rock First Blood The Expendables The Crow The Warriors Thriller Lord of War Clear and Present Danger/Patriot Games Sin City Inception The Dark Knight Horror Hellraiser Day of The Dead The Descent The Mist The Thing...
  10. razgriz21

    Ascendant Pictures Acquired by Bigfoot Entertainment (July 20, 2010)

    ^^^That was a good movie. Could have done without the midway "celebration/game of shields" scene. Slowed it down but I liked the movie.
  11. razgriz21

    Some things I like about Wing Commander 4

    I loved the usage of physical sets. Surprising to see a video game use sets as opposed to a video screen. Made it seem more movie like. The acting was good too and so was the writing.
  12. razgriz21

    Did you like the Wing Commander movie?

    Another "gravity in space" moment is when Rosie's crashed Rapier is pushed off the runway and "falls" off the dock. I got to stop. The movie while "bad" has an odd appeal to me. The editing and cinematography is competent though. Just the script, ship design (fighter, capital), Kilrathi...
  13. razgriz21

    The Death of Sitcom

    ^^^Agree on both points. I'm just saying Patricia Heaton is a MILF nonetheless.
  14. razgriz21

    Favorite car.

    Other car: 1992 Ford Thunderbird V8
  15. razgriz21

    Did you like the Wing Commander movie?

    I remember seeing that Matrix technique in Lost In Space (released a year earlier before Wing Commander). OK, the movie is disappointing, bad, but has an odd appeal. If you watch it as a dramedy, it actually is entertaining. Also, the "gravity" in space is pretty darn strong. :D (Watch the...
  16. razgriz21

    Ask Chris Roberts

    What got you into the transition from video games to films?
  17. razgriz21

    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    I don't blame him for his reviews. Let him vent. Obviously, the movie crushed what he liked and is very disappointed.
  18. razgriz21

    Ascendant Pictures Acquired by Bigfoot Entertainment (July 20, 2010)

    I hope to see Mr. Roberts produce another movie. I enjoyed Lord of War and Lucky Number Slevin.
  19. razgriz21

    Did you like the Wing Commander movie?

    2 out of 5 from me. Really, it seemed unnecessary with all the changes (designs, cast, etc) and the script was dodgey. The space combat was OK but I don't like the ship designs. They looked too junky and not space worthy. However, I did like the score, cinematography (including that silly...
  20. razgriz21

    The Movie - Yeah, you hate it. But how would you fix it?

    OK, after re watching the movie, I would do this. -Get rid of the Pilgrim subplot. It really adds nothing in my opinion. -Trim the Maniac/Rosie bed scene (I'm no prude but it hardly adds anything).