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  1. pigsonthewing

    Wing Commander 2 Live Stream Saturday! (September 16, 2016)

    I missed it too, I couldn't get the day off. I was pretty disappointed. I caught the replay though. Good stuff, learned a lot, and laughed a little each time Loaf was atomized by friendly fire, which, sadly, happens all too often in WC2.
  2. pigsonthewing

    Happy 25th Birthday Wing Commander! (September 26, 2015)

    That was pretty cool. I wish I could've watched it live, and I wish I could've had a chance to win that signed box. Pretty cool to see all the collectibles that everybody has. It was great to see Chris Roberts play his own game, and get smoked. Congrats to Loaf for nailing Kurasawa 2 in one...
  3. pigsonthewing

    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    looking forward to more flat universe. I completely suck at the game, but I keep coming back to it.
  4. pigsonthewing

    Escapist's Not Feeling Privateer (July 21, 2014)

    I'm with you. All great truths begin as blasphemies, and I didn't want to post it until someone else did so we can be sacrificed together to the cult of Grayson Burrows that exists around here. Privateer is the Wing Commander i revisit the least.
  5. pigsonthewing

    Hex Based WC Universe strategy game (in the panzer general style)

    ive been looking for those files for galciv2 for an eternity.
  6. pigsonthewing

    What's Next for Wing Commander?

    Agreed, it's a copycat world. But this is EA we are talking about. It'll be a half-assed console port.
  7. pigsonthewing

    Best Place to Park a Tarsus? (October 20, 2013)

    Agreed, but I also remember at the time it was still pretty neat to have the choice to trade, I don't recall too many games offering that type of game mechanic combined with the visual presentation. Each time I had the urge to play the wing commander games when I was a kid, I had to delete...
  8. pigsonthewing

    Best Place to Park a Tarsus? (October 20, 2013)

    i was one of the few that loved flying off of Perry. Going through the other Wing Commanders kind of instilled a sort of feeling of duty to protect humanity, so i flew a lot off of perry and the some of the other borderzone systems. i have to admit i never really got into the trading part of...
  9. pigsonthewing

    Something you all might enjoy

    Chris, thanks for the reply. the first place I looked was the library. unfortunately, someone there asked about these in early 2012, and that was the last post on the topic of these particular models. A glance at midnightrunner's profile also reveals he hasn't been active there...
  10. pigsonthewing

    Worst Mission Ever

    I couldn't agree more. my first pc which I played WC2 on barely met the requirements, so reacting to the asteroids was hindered, but damn those asteroids were more or less guided projectiles. Broadsword was the worst too, I've lost count how many times I thought I was clear of an asteroid but...
  11. pigsonthewing

    Something you all might enjoy

    i know its been a long time, but was anyone ever able to get a hold of these files?
  12. pigsonthewing

    Watch High Quality Tiger's Claw in High Definition (February 7, 2013)

    good job guys, it looks fantastic. now if only we could launch off of it...;)
  13. pigsonthewing

    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    not gonna be a popular opinion but im hoping for some dlc campaigns later down the road similar to secret missions and special operations. Don't get me wrong im sure the squadron 42 is gonna be sweet but i'm hoping the military side of things gets its proper treatment and is expanded on instead...
  14. pigsonthewing

    Breaking: Roberts Space Industries Hits $6.237 Million! (November 19, 2012)

    as a pc gamer and wing commander being my all time favorite game, the game that got me into pc gaming, Chris Roberts is my hero. The pathetic state of pc gaming these days has been tough to endure, and hopefully the overwhelming success of this crowd funding campaign can show the big publishers...
  15. pigsonthewing

    RSI Campaign Down to Last Two Days (November 17, 2012)

    ive ran out of cash to throw at my screen. i dont want to resort to change due to chipping and cracking issues.
  16. pigsonthewing

    RSI Pledge Thread

    just waiting to get paid, go over the expenses that make my world go around, then decide how much i can pledge.
  17. pigsonthewing

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    been seeding. having a blast with the game. no issues so far. Congratulations. must sleep been playing all night, sorry boss ;)
  18. pigsonthewing

    WC Saga Breaks Down Campaign (March 14, 2012)

    pinch me because i still cant believe its almost here. honestly during the first half decade it seemed as this was just going to be another flame-out fan project, but here we are. Congratulations. Knowing this was coming out this month really helped to soften the blow of the suckfest that was...
  19. pigsonthewing

    What have you felt when Kilrah exploded?

    i was sad, not because of all the kitty hair that had just been singed, but because it was the end of the kilrathi war, which at the time it seemed that there would be no more wing commander games! it was a moment of mixed emotions, the conclusion of a helluva ride, so many sorties and a...