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    Very very sad news

    "the actor's dead too..." maybe that's the real sad news of this thread...
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    just want to know.. did anyone from the team that went to telemon (blair + dekkers + marines?) 'had their cells stop replicating' after they went back to the intrepid?
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    Chris Roberts leavs DA ! ! !

    *climbs out of his coffin..* long time since i last posted.. and why is MS doing something that make them look dumb and dumber?(at least they should wait till FreeLancer is out first!!) and OSI is nothing to me if not for CR and his WC. ok..time to go back to my coffin...
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    Need WingCommander : The Kilrathi Saga

    AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! WHY DIDNT I GET IT WHEN IT CAME OUT!!!!!????!?!? damner...its was everywhere then... but i've got no fekking money then...
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    Will Microsoft dominate another industry???

    hmm..just big is the X-box gonna be?PIII...nvidia it hot?how to cool the damn thing?
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    another Starlancer easter egg? *possible spoiler* i have a question.. in the mission number (dunno-what) where u have to destroy the coalition command base or something like that(the one with the second ion cannon)...after the ripper place the fuel cell what do u have to do with it? they say ignite it with your lasers..does that...
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    the movie never made it here.... BUT I GOT THE DVD!!!(no projector screen and 5.1 theater sound system though)
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    And the ppl that creates the story...
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    Confed Flagship

    hmm..why does the ip reported here differs from the one reported from my ip viewer? [This message has been edited by PayBack (edited April 29, 2000).]
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    Netscape 6...

    installation wise is ok..but startup is freaking slow.. and i cant get the messager to list out the newsgroups available for still give me the sluggish feeling
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    what the hell is a poli-something ?? ------------------ Jump with no fear, die in full gear!
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    Where have all the women gone?

    agreed..if its not for the WC story..the flying will be just like other space sim.. ------------------ You the man...YOU THE MAN!!
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    What are?

    the best part is your friend or foe is another HUMAN...and they are smart...flexible..(esp in strategy wise...) but of need a good connection to really enjoy it..and good connections are expensive here. ------------------ You the man...YOU THE MAN!! [This message has been edited...
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    frosty is just using the wrong methods of executing him role... like tolwyn trying to defend humanity by creating a war.. ------------------ You the man...YOU THE MAN!!
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    was using the callsign "BlackHole" when playing wc4. then i came to that part where blair was toking to melek about the cloaking device and he(blair) said "consider it payback..." and i thought it fits my style of doing things..and dogfighting in wc4(when some idiots dump off some missiles at me...
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    WC Ships

    or is it pitch? a double sheet will make Epee's armor 2x..and a triple sheet will make it 3x..
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    The BL HQ in Axius

    maybe they could be testing a bio weapon for the bugs there... ------------------ You the man...YOU THE MAN!!
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    Any chance of a promotion?

    what's so special about being a Lt. either? they get privilage?(sp..) ------------------ You the man...YOU THE MAN!!