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  1. Durandal

    Save the Behemoth.

    No. But then again, I owned the strategy guide well before I bought the game in CD form, so I knew ahead of time what was gonna go down.
  2. Durandal

    Just a Quick Question

    One can only hope. Be a shame to lose that particular chat, since reflecting on it, that may have been what I read. Kind of a pity, that. It'd be interesting to see what they would've done with the war, and see how it could've tied into Arena. Or may have, for that matter; a lot of the stuff...
  3. Durandal

    Just a Quick Question

    Were any of the details released on where they intended to take the Nephilim War storyline post-Prophecy/SO? I seem to recall reading an interview on the matter years upon years ago, but I'll be damned if I can remember who and where it was. Just a curious question.
  4. Durandal

    Thrakhath and Hobbes

    Just meant to push the player that much harder, I suspect. I didn't much care for the bug aces, but that's mostly because my view is that leaving them unnamed left it a bit empty when you beat it. You down a Kilrathi ace, you can gloat about it, saying you downed Starkiller (or whichever ace...
  5. Durandal

    Thrakhath and Hobbes

    Decidedly not. I don't know how hypnotism would work in the case of a Kilrathi, but in the case of a human being making a sleeper agent like Hobbes was, it would consume hundreds of hours to get a belivable persona created and crafted, let alone a method to slip this person into normal...
  6. Durandal

    ..more REALLY old stuff..

    You can use WinRAR to unzip them, but .iso is a CD image, so it works better if you burn it to a CD.
  7. Durandal

    Kilrathi KF100

    the KF-100 is the movie version of the Dralthi, which is much more angular. That's one of the myriad variations of the Flying Pancake models seen in the game, likely the Mk. I or Mk. II. Still, that is very, very cool.
  8. Durandal

    I'm back... again!

    Yeah, it didn't help that I happened to be on a Marathon kick when I started up here...
  9. Durandal

    I'm back... again!

    Much the same place I seem to be having to catch up from.
  10. Durandal


    Battlecruisers are, by defenition, a heavily armed, fast moving vessel. It's purpose is to quickly engage opposing capital ships and inflict heavy damage. Such a vessel would likely lack heavy shields, but mount armor capable of withstanding hits from heavy capital ship weaponry. That kind of...
  11. Durandal

    Who loves the Raptor?

    I'm looking forward to it. Those were some sweet renders.
  12. Durandal

    Privateer 2 problems.

    ...I haven't tried that yet. *Laughs* I'll do that tonight, given that I've nothing better to do...
  13. Durandal

    Privateer 2 problems.

    Okay, here's my problem. I'm attempting to run Privateer 2 on my laptop, which is an older model Micron that has Windows '98 on it. I can't even get it to install. It won't work in windows, and the thing won't recognize my CD drive in DOS mode. Is anyone else having this particular...
  14. Durandal

    The WC grape board

    I liked the cockpits in the older WC games. It made them feel a little more "real" to me.
  15. Durandal

    Who loves the Raptor?

    Those are nice.
  16. Durandal

    Enterprise Officially Cancelled

    I'm a big fan of both. Nemesis is, in my eyes, a travesty on par with the Star Wars Christmas Special. Neither of them should've been made, and were so OOC for their respective series that whoever came up with the idea should've been drug out into the street and riddled with an M-16. But...
  17. Durandal

    Enterprise Officially Cancelled

    Star Trek has Nemesis and Insurrection. If those weren't as bad as the botches Star Wars has, I don't know what is.
  18. Durandal

    An Appeal to the Wing Commander Community

    Hmmm...I'm more of a tabletop RPer myself....
  19. Durandal

    Border Worlds Fighters

    Eh, I don't mind the BW fighters when I fly, so long as I have someone like Pliers as my chief technician.
  20. Durandal

    Confed capital

    I vote for the second of those two theories. It just makes sense; the Cats are about as big a stickler as the Samurai were for taking their foes down in person.