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    Playing the game may have just gotten easier..

    In my experience, running games in VirtualPC is easy to set up, but I had too many sound problems (loaded DOS 6.22). If it had better Sound Blaster emulation, might be the way to go. Although I must admit that the last time I tried it was a year or so ago. (From our MS Subscription CD's)...
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    WC3 KS Version fix on XP

    This is fantastic, keep up the great work!! -Dj
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    I was extremely excited when I heard it was coming out. Showed up to the theater early, watched it, and left the theater pretty dissappointed. At the time, I hated it. It veered so far away from the WC univerise as I saw it. I had a feeling like Chris R. probably didn't want the movie to...
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    Fist WC? WC1 on a home built 386SX 16MHz (added the math co-prosessor later thinking it would greatly help...not). I was FLOORED. The begining of the greatest series of games in PC history, hands down. -Dj "Mordrid"
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    KS...CD1 WC2 folder kaput...PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks, Chris. No problems with music so far in WC2, and WC3KS is running like a champ in 95 compat. mode (figured it would as the WC3 install files on CD1 were OK). In fact, seems to run better. I don't remember WC3KS running this well. But then again, that was back when my PC was a...
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    Installing Wc4

    I had a similar problem just today and found an easy solution: 1. Install using the setup.bat on the 1st CD. 2. When it crashes at the machine test, alt-tab out of it and close it. 3. Download the win95 patch under the CIC's files section & unzip where you tried to install wc4. 4...
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    KS...CD1 WC2 folder kaput...PLEASE HELP!

    Ok, I did as you suggested and found that the files BUTTONS.V00, COMMUNIC.S03, COMMUNIC.S04, A bunch of the SFX**.WAV's, SHIP.V00-.V06, TITLE.VGA, & WING2.TIM were the files that wouldn't copy. There were more, but the ones that wouldn't copy before did copy when I copied them 1 file at a time...
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    KS...CD1 WC2 folder kaput...PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks, Chris, very much. Will do. HAPPY 7th! :) -Dj
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    KS...CD1 WC2 folder kaput...PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys - I finally got Kilrathi Saga off of Ebay after trying for THREE YEARS. Kicking Myself for letting it go all those years ago. PROBLEM: The first CD has a slight crack at the outer edge. Most of the files are still readable. I can install WC1 & WC3 without a hitch and things...