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    EA's CD Classics Deluxe versions vs. original floppies

    Hello All, I'd first like to say it's really awesome to see Wing Commander alive and well and loved still by so many. It almost brings a tear to the ole eye :) Now I need opinions and info from all who are willing to give input. I currently do have the Kirathi Saga version of WC on the CDs...
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Mandarins? Does any WC buff remember their movement from mentioned first, I think, in WC2? Sure you do! Michael Moore and his ilk in Hollywood would be the Champions of that cause, IMHO, even against a clearly inhuman, bloodthirsty alien enemy. Oh well, I guess it takes all kinds, I'd just hope...
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    Great Mods out there

    I've seen some great mod sites from this website with the Nephilim and around time of WC3 and so on but has anyone done any re-making of the original Wing Commander or WC2? Those were my favorites. How about a large mod spanning WC1 to 3 or beyond? Is that even possible? I know not every aspect...
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    Why not!? I made a Broadsword out of Legos once, way back when. If I remember correctly it wasn't too shabby either. Moving turrets, replacable landing gear (had to improvise those), missles and torpedos with hardpoints, little hatch on the side like the character uses to enter. Only thing that...
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    Ok, now I know, quality wise KS sucks...

    KS Problems/differences Well were the space backgrounds always pitch black back drops? That stuck out at me big time during the autopilot fly-bys, no details just flying in a total void or maybe a magnified view of a black hole singularity. Also the sound FX. The music is great...
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    Ok, now I know, quality wise KS sucks...

    compared to the originally published games. I played WC 1 and 2 from the KS I bought on eBay for the first time last night and remembered them a lot differently than that. Boy, they sure seemed to cut a lot of corners just to make it Win95 compatible and speed adjusted. So know I need to know if...
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    Privateer Gold CD version & Sound distortions

    Thanks for the help guys. I got it working thanks to the PIF that was made when I installed through Win98. You were right though Privateer doesn't like a lot of memory. Got it down to 16MB and a smartdrv of 2048. Thanks again!
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    Privateer Gold CD version & Sound distortions

    Thanks. I was looking at the old docs while my wife was shopping and they had EMM386.exe xxxx RAM. Does it matter whether the RAM comes before or after the number?
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    Privateer Gold CD version & Sound distortions

    Thanks. I was looking for some examples of how to set EMM386 up but haven't had success. I can't remember how to use it so some suggestions would be great. Thanks!
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    Privateer Gold CD version & Sound distortions

    I finally built and configured a legacy P1-133 system for older games. I installed my recently acquired Privateer Gold because I cannot find my old floppy version. The game runs fine but the voices sometimes play badly distorted. My ships weapons always play distorted which seems to sometimes...
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    Thanks THE_WUQKED That link was just the thing. I'll be rolling along with my WC fantasies! I'm going to post another thread concerning a new problem I'm having with an old game. Everyone please look there and help me out. Thanks! :D
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    Wc Tv Show?

    Trust me! Wasn't that the one where the opening credits had the guy, a blond guy, he pulls out that huge 44 and he says, "Trust me. I know what I'm doin'"?
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    Steltek gun

    I never liked the Jalkehi's (WC2) rear neutron turrets very much either, esp. after loosing all my fore armor in a ram. Had to always try hitting from above or the sides.
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    Video Patch? I didn't see one. Only the Hi-Res patch. I didn't even think there was any fix for this with all the action this topic is getting. Everyone is having this problem, but I can't adjust sound acceleration because a 'none' setting disables my sound totally.
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    Kilrathi Saga for sale

    Is that like the Ford POS in the first Men in Black? :D
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    Kilrathi Saga for sale

    Guess it's all really relative. Haven't tried it yet myself and they say never know 'til ya try!
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    Ok. Well the Sound Hardware acceleration doesn't work for me. When the acceleration is off I get no sounds at all. And without any sound I can't even be sure movies are playing correctly. Is there something else I need to do after changing acceleration settings? I'm also still running Windows...
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    What do I need?

    What about the Hi-res patch and this FMV patch, which I don't know what that is, are those required because the FAQ doesn't say? Also the FAQ says if players are having movie skipping or voice-overs mission set Sound Hardware acceleration to none. Well, I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 PCI and if...
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    Kilrathi Saga for sale

    Prefer DOS? Why would you prefer playing it in DOS? Is there a difference? Does the program's performance suffer because of the upgrade? Can't it still be played in DOS?
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    WC3 Kilrathi Saga WinXP

    I'm going to try to build a special Legacy system for pre-2000 games. It seems the only way.