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    parallel port ...

    I tried that once, but I would REALLY, REALLY, recommend getting two cheap network cards and some cable. IMHO that is easier. It might not be for you, though. If you have any problems networking my way, make sure your cards work! I learned that lesson the hard way. It sounds stupid, but you can...
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    Privateer III

    We can dream, can't we? If Priv 3 ever came out, SP, it would be awesome.
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    Wing Commander Prophecy Video Problems

    I recently tried to play WCP again after a while of not playing. However, I had problems with the video. All things that should be transparent are not. For example, the AUTO light is in the middle of a big blue square, as well as a lot of other gauges. This ONLY happens in Direct3D mode. Since I...
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    Sequel to WC Prophecy

    I'm not sure MOSLO works on more recent pentium II systems. At least it didn't work for me when I tried it. That may have just been my fault though. If anyone knows whether it works or not, please reply.
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    I have to go with WC3. I have II, III, Prophecy and Privateer. Privateer is sweet, but I am excluding it because it isn't strictly in the WC series. I haven't been able to get a copy of WCIV. I have been trying for quite a while. Prophecy is fun, and it is the one that got me hooked, but I think...
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    Lets talk about...

    You take a while to die from a stomach wound or something. You would probably have time to write it. The bugs may have written it as a warning or something. There's no way to tell, I guess.
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    Confederation Army?

    There are commandos in any branch of the service. However, it is a good bet that the Confederation had an army, because historically marines (at least in the US) have been more ship boarding, ship security, and first strike troops. Marines may attack first, then army units would probably come in...
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    They should do more FMV games...

    I'm sure it has been run into the ground, but now's the time of year I bought Prophecy, the game that got me started on WC, so I'm feeling a little nostalgic.
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    wing commander 6

    Definitely. Anyone other than Jason Bernard as Eisen would be a letdown. So, I really DON'T want to see someone take over his role. However, you've got to admit it would be cool to see Eisen in a WC game again, impossible as that is.
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    They should do more FMV games...

    I think that the trend of not having Full Motion Video in games is negative. Naturally, almost all FMV games were horrible, but I think that FMV really worked in the Wing Commander series. It seemed to make the characters more memorable. On a different note, I think it would be a shame not...
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    wing commander 6

    At the beginning, when Wing Commander: Prophecy had just come out, there were plans for Prophecy to be the first in a new trilogy. Evidently, it was supposed to go: Wing Commander I-III (The war with the Kilrathi) Wing Commander IV (Border worlds conflict) Wing Commander Prophecy-VII (Bugs or...
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    I think Origin can DO it, I just want to see more of the WC storyline (The OFFICIAL one) I.E. what happens to Blair (is he really dead?) whether the bugs come back, etc. Prophecy had such a sequel-ready ending that it would be a shame for that to be the end of the WC story (other than the story...
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    I think the reason other companies aren't going for online-only is that most don't have as deep pockets as EA, and Origin already developed the technology for Ultima Online. They also probably learned some lessons from UO that will make POL a better game. Hopefully.
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    I think the gameplay in Privateer Online will be great if it is fast enough to play reliably. I just haven't had all that much luck with multiplayer gaming. I think Origin can make it an enjoyable experience, though.
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    Confederation draft

    True, but there was the conflict on Repleetah that involved only ground forces. That would have taken a lot of draftees.
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    Yeah, I guess. I just don't know that Origin is making the right move going multiplayer. I really haven't played a fast-action game that worked well on the net. I think that time is fast approaching, but it will take awhile for people to get high-speed connections. Also, WC has always been...
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    Confederation draft

    Most pilots, officers, etc. are volunteer in most militaries. Some pilots are draftees, at least in WWII, but most draftees would be ground troops or lower-ranking people.
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    Are there any rumors about future Wing Commander games in the works? I've heard rumors in various magazines about Privateer Online, but in my experience lag is too much of a problem for enjoyable multiplay. I'm waiting for a good new single player WC or Privateer game. Anyone know of any in the...