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    wing commander 1 and 2 mods for prophecy

    Hi I remember a few years ago visiting a site where they were trying to make some sort of conversion or reversion heh for prophecy, because wc1 and 2 dont work on modern computers, people were trying to make the game and make it playable from prophecy's engine, i just am wondering what came of...
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    your cfg file came in handy, modified by me of course eheh. you see i have never actually played Prophecy right through, i bought the gold version but disc number came damaged or something, data wouldnt read properly so it wouldnt install proper. so i salvaged the data from the disk and...
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    same i have 1.7ghz p4. radeon 9000 64 meg. the videos skip a little at the start of a new video, but then the video runs normal, i feel its important to note that, but the rest of the video the audio will be out of sync with video...and i cant watch it like that! when i set sound accel to...
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    help hi, im running winxp. trying to play wcp again. the videos skip through fast sometimes. other times they skip to a point where it goes at normal speed but then still the audio/video is out of sync. someone suggested lowering sound acceleration in directx settings, i did that i tried all...