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    It Looks Like A Transporter Pad (August 19, 2004)

    If you want check out's forums there was a guy there who made a beer cooler out of peltiers that worked on usb.. dunno if the post still around but still can find out everything you would need to make one there
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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    its funny y'all say that on my list it goes wc1>3>2>fs2>sec ops>fs1>prophecy, i really enjoyed the way fs2 was done and i did feel like a cog in the war machine, i thought the voice acting was incredible hell i still like to load fs2 and play it through just to here that one admiral talk to...
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    ST And B5 Actor Andreas Katsulas Dies, Aged 59

    GODDAMNIT, im sitting here watching b5 over and i read this :(
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    KS wc3 video playback

    welp i got the thing working.. sort of, you see the entire reason i wanted to watch the video is i can't get the game to work on my computer and its the only wing commander game i've never played. so basicly right now i can extract the .mve files, and even get playmve to load it up as the...
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    KS wc3 video playback

    okay i found a cd burned wc3.exe and wc3w.exe to it, so i got that part working.. now its asking for xanlib.dll which is in the directory playmve is in anyone got any ideas?
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    KS wc3 video playback

    okay i have saga and im trying to play the video for wc3, i used the tool listed for wc3 to extract but the player wont work.. i think i figured out a work around but i dont have a blank cd to try it, are there any other ways to play the wc3 video?
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    The Ion Cannon coming to an orbit near you!

    just so you know the b2 isn't a waste, no other plane in the world can drop the ordinance it can drop and not be shot down in the process, thats what makes it worth the 1.2billion a plane. and just an fyi the b2 has a computer from the 80's in it, they never updated it because it works
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    Eve Online - What do you think of it?

    i couldn't stand the game whats so ever. but its personal rather then the games fault, if you like dungeons and dragons in spaceits all you, personaly when i get a space game, its for space combat, yanking back on my joystick etc. etc.... ie, i want a wing commander game :eek:
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    Most aggravating WC mission

    just wanted to comment on the capship fighting in wc 1/2, this is why the fs2 port will be so badass
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    The end of Earth & Beyond is nigh!

    eve is about as fun as buying a box of klenex
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    Jutland-class Fleet Attack Carrier

    who you with lynx <-- 2125gsu @ ft bragg
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    Jutland-class Fleet Attack Carrier

    i thought it looked fan fucking tastic myself
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    movie snakiers == ans reliant?

    am i the only one who thinks those movie snakiers look an aweful lot like the ans reliant from starlancer with some extra turrets on it?
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    The Word Game

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    Need A New Game Help

    its not that im looking for an apart i have wc 3 4 proph/se, and i lvoe them however you can only play for so long, i have freespace freespace2, xwing tie fighter xwing vs tiefighter, i ordered new joystick gets here wensday *jumps up and down* and well... i was just hoping something new was...
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    Need A New Game Help

    damnit its like i can't find any besides that one babalon 5 one in development, my life is over, i must kill myself now
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    Need A New Game Help

    okay sides starwars freespace and freespace 2 and wing commander and privateeerz 1/2 tachyon terminus starlancer and freelancer what other space combat sims are there: and are there any more coming out sooN? for PC
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    one with mj in it
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    Most shocking WC moment

    clearly tolwyn is and always will be my HERO so it shocked me? but then again maybie he was right?
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    clearly needaham will burn in hell for that one