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    Dream Machine

    Looks... yummy
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    Privateer2 on high end machines

    Tried Moslo? its on the Files page :)
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    Torps without Locks?

    Heh This is starting to remind me of that "Woulde'nt you prefer to kill Capships in WCP the old way?" thread that I made on the old board. :)
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    Weird effects

    When I want to enter a thread, I click on the link and suddenly I get to another thread... weird.
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    Need help in P2

    I had about 300,500 creds, I just liked my Straith.
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    Need help in P2

    I think I finished the game.... ~~~~Spoiler~~~~~ After I left Kronos's ship is that the endgame? if so I opend my diary and it said "Time to tie loose ends" what is that supposed to mean? and I finished the game with a Straith!! al the way!!!!!
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    Need help in P2

    In Privateer 2 in the mission that you need to save the Anhur Senator's kid. I tractored the crate and then a riddle poped up about cargo runs..... I have no idea what co-oridinents its bringing me too. HELP?
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    B5 ships

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    Dead links

    I have noticed that in the SO ships area all of the links are dead. Thanks Zer
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    Back from the dead

    NightHawk, Works fine like a charm, Tc, I'll remember that. I saw the movie yesterday and I gotta say it was not bad although it could have been much better.
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    Back from the dead

    Heya! I've been gone for a while and I wanna know if there is anything new for a change.... P.S. Nighthawk I got all of the Pics.
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    WC Academy TV

    Bellend, I guess you wont come and visit me in Israel wont you? anyway I really think that the Arab nations suck (which has nothing to do with the reason i'm jewish really). its just that they are really dipressing.
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    WC Ships

    Yeah, Payback your right. its Pitch.
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    Ever noticed......

    Have you ever noticed that the cloak fighter from Armada(cant remember its name) looks like the Salthi? And if you have other ever noticed questions put them on this thread.
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    wing commander 6

    Ja, no one really know right now if there is going to be a WC6 but we hope so (just lets hope it will not be a oline game ) and the closest thing that will be to WC6 will be Privateer 6 like Bellend said go look for it in the CIC section for more info.
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    The BL HQ in Axius

    Which brings me to another point. In TPOF Maniac said he was there... for what? its a desert place nothing to do there then... what? And maybe they are using that place for new Fighter testing? [This message has been edited by Zero (edited January 12, 2000).]
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    WC Ships

    My favorite ship has to be the T-Bolt and the Baneshee, the Baneshee has great manuvering and speed + good missile loadout. And the T-Bolt is Just cool . The most hated ship IMHO is the Vampire, sure missiles and guns rock but there is to much manuvering on the things YAW, and that really...
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    Roger Ebert's Worst of 1999 list...

    That didnt make any sense you know? Anyway THe movie didnt even get into Israel guess the critics didnt like it....
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    Wait a sec, how can you have a BIRTHday when your dead? ;-)
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    I think Tolwyn was the best played Chr. in WC. he was really a loonie in the end, probebly old age