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    I'm not saying they did, this part of your post is my focus. :) It just seems a wiser course of action to have changed the name earlier, or kept the project name as the console title.
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    If I were going to change the name to Wii, I'd probably have done it well before about half-a-year before I put the console out. Gamers won't, generally, care I'd probably agree. Although this will put a dent in their advertising to make all the idiots of the world see that this is the same...
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    Tolwyn and the Nephilim

    Nomad Terror, you just earned points for knowing that game even existed, let alone "playing" it. And I couldn't agree more with your assessment. :) As a fake point system I have IRL: You just gained 5 points, out of 7 points possible. With a max of 17 points, before you have to cash in. ;)
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    Oblivion Trailer

    The atmosphere of the game will be developed a lot more fully with the actual game, I'm sure. (It always is.) Very few trailers I see anymore, actually go much into that aspect as is, but it doesn't take away from the actual game when it is completed. I do agree, however, that the fact that each...
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    Oblivion Trailer

    I'm very interested in playing Oblivion, as I've been a fan of the Elder Scrolls since they started. I've seen good things so far out of this game, and am expecting even more. Once the actual game comes out, I'm sure we'll find that it holds a lot more than we can estimate it will. For some...
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    They say you wanna Revolution...

    My only major problem with the PS3, is that Sony is attempting to make it an entire home entertainment system. All that does is lead to the higher likelihood that something will break on it, and lessen the performance of each individual aspect. (Which is my problem with things like the NGage...
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    Japanese Animations

    I'd probably agree with LeHah mostly, I typically hate anime fanfolk too. They tend not to shut the hell up when everyone was tired of hearing them talk about 20 minutes ago. That being said, I still do have probably about 3 dozen animes that tend to top my list, although I'd say without a...
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    Nephilim vs. Steltek

    Then it would be like that movie, Independence Day.
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    Nephilim vs. Steltek

    I'll be honest in saying that I didn't really read ALL of this thread, but most of it. For some reason, maybe it's because of how late I'm up and how much I've drank :), but I remember something about the Steltek moving into the core after something. Am I wrong here? Was it another race, or they...
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    I'll drink Tequilla and Jager. If I'm lookin' beer, though, I'll usually drink Boulevard Wheat (which is great because it's locally made!), and Honey Brown.
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    Top 3 anime

    In no set order: Ranma 1/2 Record of Lodoss War (First part, particularly) Kenshin (Before they put it on Cartoon Network...I tend to lose my luster for shows once they're on there.)
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    My god, did we just actually have someone who is completely right in this discussion? (A rare thing indeed when it comes to politics...especially Moore and Bush...) ~Unless your all talkin' Libertarian. :) Then you can be right.
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    President match II

    Then there may be hope yet. (One point, for the future, is don't dog on people who do a LOT of work on these sites/projects. They do great work, and try their damnest-usually staying within the realm of "WC realism.") But that might just be me.
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    Saddam Hussein caught!

    This was good news! Something I'm sure the world as a whole will be more than happy to hear about! (I know I am.) Hopefully this may lead to even better things. (Such as finding these WMD-hell, I'm all about the war, I just figured the govt. would plant them if they didn't find 'em. :) ) As...
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    Anyone here like D&D

    Riddles are one of my favorite things in an actual D&D game, and in RPG's as well. I think, and this is about one of my only, beefs with RPG's is the bugs that they have at times. I mean, BIG bugs. For instance, in Lands of Lord (a great game), at the very end, when you have to fight the Witch...
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    Anyone here like D&D

    I've been avidly playing D&D since I was like, 10/11 or something. I think it's probably one of my greatest interests, and I can totally see both the good and bad points people make about it. My real problem is with 3rd edition, never have liked it-and I probably never will. But, then again, I...
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    The Illiad vs. Troy

    Achilles is one, if not the first, of my favorite heroes. If they mess him up, there may have to be some sort of searching for assassins. :)
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    Favorite Wingman?

    I've always been a fan of Hobbes, he was I'd give my saftey to. (Although that might be dangerous now!)
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    kilrathi fleet post war.

    That, and let's try to remember how much of a problem Confed had against the Neph, one could argue the points of their technology being superior (or at least equal to) Confed's. So if we could easily wipe the Kilrathi....(which happened when they fought, the Kilrathi Cult was doing...ok I guess...
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    Totally OT - I need some love guys

    That's probably because that's the only way TO put it. I don't feel like beating a dead horse here, but just give it time and let it sink in, the more time goes by, the better off you'll be about the subject. Besides, in the future, you can look back on this, and see things that actually...