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    Blair and Casey

    This is interesting. I just came back from watching "Run Lola Run" at a friend's house and in the previews, there's a movie called Sparkler that stars our old friend Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Steven Petrarca, the guy who plays Casey in WCP. Now I need to go and rent that movie
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    WC III and WIN98

    Speaking of WC3 and Win98....does anybody out there know how you can find out your sound card's I/O port and DMA and IRQ and all that stuff??? When I run WC3 setup...I can get the MIDI to play, but when I try and setup my Digital F/X card...I never can get it to work. I'm trying to run WC3 off...
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    Malcolm McDonnell

    Man I'm good with typos today...of course it's "McDowell" not "McDonnell"...whoops! my mistake.....
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    Malcolm McDonnell

    Hey for all you fans of the guy who portrayed Tolwyn in WC...he's on "The David Cassidy Story" on NBC right now.....9:00/8:00 EST/CT
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    The Enemy in WC

    I think a lot of WC's success as a combat sim had to due with the nature of the enemy you were fighting. Unlike the ubiquitousness of the bugs in WCP, the Kilrathi were a race that you gradually learned more and more about with each successive WC game. They had a purpose, they had honor, and...
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    WC Prophecy Soundtrack

    I didn't like the WCP Soundtrack CD much either....just got it because it's Wing Commander merchandise.
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    Just a little something...

    Even with the relatively big capital ships in WCP, the overall, best capital ship was the Kilrathi dreadnought. That thing was freakin enormous even in the WC3 game engine, and it scared the crap out of me. Ok, so it was designed in the game so that you couldn't destroy it, but just the idea...
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    WC Prophecy Soundtrack

    That's a good idea...wish someone would do it.
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    WC Prophecy Soundtrack

    Is it just me or did anybody else who has the soundtrack notice how cool the Fralthi cruiser looked (in the video trailer on the CD) on fire in space? How come we never saw nifty things like that in the real game? I recently found the CD in a local Best Buy, and immediately grabbed it. I was...