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    What makes Blair toss and turn at night?

    Death by Snoo Snoo?
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    Buying Wing Commander Novels

    There's always
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    WC3 Hobbes turret

    That got me thinking, did the Society of Mandarins continue on after the destruction of Ayer's Rock? But it's likely that Hobbes set his turret for Auto.
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    Wing Commander on Ice

    The other night I had this weird dream about Wing Commander. I don't recall the details but I do remember one phrase: Wing Commander on Ice. And I think I recall Hobbes doing a triple-axle. Of course this got me wondering, what's the weirdest WC related dream or thought you've ever had?
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    Requesting Assistance with WCIII in Win2K

    I've recently upgraded to a computer with a Pentium III prossessor running Windows 2000. Needless to say I'm having trouble installing and running Wing Commander III (Stand-Alone Version) on this machine. What can I do to fix this? PS: Are there problems running the Kilrathi Saga version on...
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    The Word Game

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    Ship Names, Political Ramifications

    I would not be surprised to see a TCS Bismark or TCS Yamato (and for me, a TCS Enterprise is a given). Now here's a ship I'd like to see: TCS Nelson.
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    WC Comic: Halcyon's Callsign

    I rather like the Junior one. I also like the Surgeon callsign, however I've a suggestion. Perhaps Doc would work better. Here are some other callsigns. If these have been taken or you do not feel these to be applicable, please disreguard. Katana (My personal callsign, you can use it if you...
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    Blair, Maverick?

    I see the Wing Commander Movie as an apocryphal story in the WC Universe. While I've many complaints about the WC Movie, the one that sticks in my mind is the Pilgrim subplot. It is clear that the Pilgrims are a rip off of the Newtypes from the Gundam Universe. Here is a list of other...
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    Halloween Plans

    Well, costume-wise, I've got a 19th Century style officer's uniform to wear. In general, I hope to hook up with some friends and see either Rocky Horror or Shaun of The Dead. If that falls through, I can do my lonly man tradition of eating leftover Trick-or-Treat candy and watch Young Frankenstein.
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    Star Wars Trilogy DVD set

    Call me a humourless killjoy, but I just don't think that making fun of the deaths of six million innocent people is funny. Although I did like the episode where Timmy and Jimmy join the Crips. And now back to the current topic. Since I'll be holding out for the DVD box set featuring all six...
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    Star Wars Trilogy DVD set

    Well, at least Jar Jar's not in it. and the guns have not been replaced by Walkie-Talkies. You know, it kinda makes me think of that one South Park episode where the kids bitch about the special edition versions of E.T. and Star Wars stating that Speilberg and Lucas are a couple of greedy Jews*...
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    Ships of the Animated Series: Longbow (September 11, 2004)

    That "Longbow" may very well be a Shuttle (whos design influenced the Longbow we all know and love). Just take a look at the aft section, Notice the four engines. On the Longbow, there is a turret where those engiens are. Therefore, we can assume that the vessel in "Word of Honor" is an SAR or...
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    The Word Game

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    The Word Game

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    The Word Game

    Charlton Heston (He played Taylor in Planet of The Apes).
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    Kilrathi Dreadnought

    When was the Dreadnought first produced? I saw a couple in Academy (of course, Academy has a few chronology problems).
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    The Word Game

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    Top 3 anime

    Those ain't Anime, but I'll let it slide. Anime 1: Gundam 2: Macross 3: Bubblegum Crisis Anime Ja Nai (This ain't Anime) 1: Wing Commander Academy 2: Futurama 3: Clerks: The TV Show.
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    The Word Game