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  1. Aeronautico

    Lego Avenger Is an Impressive Treat (March 31, 2022)

    That looks incredible! The official renders always threw me off because it made this monster look shorter than I think it was supposed to be. It's profile makes much more sense here. This is a really crafty model! I wish it were an official set piece.
  2. Aeronautico

    Fixin’ for a New Poll (January 30, 2022)

    Rachel is always good with her hands, but I may have an even softer spot for Sparks.
  3. Aeronautico

    WC:CD "Dreadnought" Name Vote!!

    This came out so long ago but I never stopped thinking about this awesome ship design.
  4. Aeronautico

    Some models...

    Wow that'd be cool to see in the old WC3/WC4 aesthetic.
  5. Aeronautico

    Wake Up to a Dazzling Wallpaper (January 17, 2022)

    She's a bonny ship, she is! - Senator James "Paladin" Taggart
  6. Aeronautico

    WC4 Remake

    I always had a soft spot for this ship, good to see it getting some much needed love!
  7. Aeronautico

    Catch Wing Leader Ships From Every Angle (July 12, 2021)

    Slick design, does it have a name?
  8. Aeronautico

    Catch Wing Leader Ships From Every Angle (July 12, 2021)

    Fourth ship, I'm guessing that's a Firekkan fighter?
  9. Aeronautico

    Last Line of Defence

    Was this for that Northampton class design I've seen here? You have any more images of that ship?
  10. Aeronautico

    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    Rather sad confession but I only ever played WC3 as a kid, and my attempts to get WC4 running never got anywhere. I never did get to play the original two, sooner or later I'd like to download and play all of them. For WC3, I think the showdown with Thrakhath sucks. Never had too much trouble...
  11. Aeronautico

    WC:CD "Dreadnought" Name Vote!!

    This ship STILL hasn't left me despite the age of this article, LOL. I always pictured this as a sort of secret weapon kind of vessel when Confed needed to break out the big guns, LOL. Sorry that it's been years since anybody gave it any love. Seriously though, give it the pointed hull again...
  12. Aeronautico

    Border Worlds Star Graces New Wallpaper (February 11, 2020)

    The Banshee gets cooler every time I see it.
  13. Aeronautico

    New 3D Thread

    That Hornet is BADASS.
  14. Aeronautico

    Happy New Poll! (January 2, 2020)

    For once I would love to see a poll where the majority of respondents don't predict the year to be "Poor", SMH. I think it'll be a fair or average one myself, not really sure what's cooking among the fan projects right now, but a little more optimism is something the CIC could use, lol.
  15. Aeronautico

    Wing Commander Sprite Enhancement, Experimentation, and Information

    This is all very good stuff and very exciting, it's always great to see Howard's models come to life :cool:
  16. Aeronautico

    Last Line of Defence

    Yes thanks, the thumbnails were not working for me.
  17. Aeronautico

    Last Line of Defence

    There a better way to view those screencaps?
  18. Aeronautico

    3D Printing 3D models (3d studio, etc.)

    Holy Crap, the Hornet has never looked so good :D
  19. Aeronautico

    Even More WC Ships Ready For Your 3D Printer (March 4, 2018)

    How about some love for the Vesuvius or the Caernarvon? That'd be sick!
  20. Aeronautico

    Maverick Gets Pantsed (February 24, 2018)

    If you're trying to be a wiseguy, spare me.