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    Secret Ops Help

    Ok, i have a Radeon X1600, not with recent updates, but Direct X may have been updated, i installed a newer game, so it might have, i installed the highres patch, but never used it cause it wouldn't work, so i just run the normal one. I also run the multiple users mod, where you can have more...
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    Secret Ops Help

    yes i have, and it does absolutly nothing... i tried on the shortcut and the actual exe too
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    Secret Ops Help

    Hey! so i've had Secret Ops for a while now and its worked great, then all of a sudden, when i try to run it i get this error: : DD::setDisplayMode 16385 is a fatal error what does this mean? and how do i fix it? I run windows XP, if that helps, and i recently installed some new DX...
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    wing commander secret ops, not working

    hey i had the sound skip too, and i found a way to fix it, go into the Sound and Audio Device Properties (In the Control Panel), and then go to Volume, and at the bottom it should say Speaker Settings, click on Advanced, then go to Performance, and slide all the bars to the left, i have Hardware...
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    My first time playing one of the games was Secret Ops, back when i was about 8 years old. (Maybe less)(1998) It was really fun, and I actually shot some enemy's down. Unforntualy, we sold the computer to get a new one, and there it went. Now, just today, I found it agian. (I didn't know what it...
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    Secret Ops - Lost serial number & starter pack registration

    It's not up anymore is it? Doesn't this site have some sort of callsign generator or something, thats how I got mine. Could you have more that one call sign? Or how would that work...