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    Where to get Wing Commander?

    I bought Wing Commander years ago in a CD compilation, nabbing Academy and WC1 in one fell swoop, wound up getting a new copy of WC1 with both Secret Missions later on, then picked up Privateer and WC2 (Deluxe) another time. I forget the details, it's been so long. Fun, fun games. Ironically...
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    What did they make?

    There's some figures along these lines in the WC Bible over in the document archive. You might try looking in there.
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    The Wing Commander Universe Against the Real Universe

    It wouldn't work. Period. Among other things, the star positions depicted are only 2D and are based as much or more on jump lines as/than the stellar positions themselves. Many of the star systems aren't referred to by their astronomic name, if any. More directly, the star positions are...
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    Saga graphics help!

    The problem here that Lars was edging around is that software mode is badly deprecated and may explode in his face. I was aware of the option, but I didn't mention it because the coder types kind of act like you're summoning Cthulhu when you mention running in that mode. I don't want the world...
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    Gothri Question

    The tachyon guns available in Gemini and those on the Excalibur are different weapons. Specifically, the civilian-grade ones don't do as much damage, even relative to their targets. They also look very different, and we know that a fairly large change in appearance applied to the changes...
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    Gothri Question

    ...arrgh, stupid system wiping out my typing! No problem about typos, not that I saw any anyway. The Dralthi VII. I have two questions, only one of which is directly on point. First, how do we know that's a new model and not, say, the Dralthi III? Was that in the Arena manual? Second, if...
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    Gothri Question

    The Dralthi VII model in question debuts after WC3 is already over, Dyret. They're also notably testing the weapon on a proven platform and in an area where it won't cripple their efforts if it blows up in their face. The Paradigm, demonstrably, isn't as tough as the Southampton. It may be...
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    Gothri Question

    WC3 focuses on the front lines, which Gemini isn't (something that Privateer, among other sources, is quite clear on). The Kilrathi and Confed were both pouring their best (i.e., newest) fighters into the main fronts in Enigma and Vega while Gemini, the Landreich, and others got to rely on...
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    Gothri Question

    Presumably, it was at the Battle of Earth as one of the main front-line fighters. Note that during WC3, they had been retired to second-tier use... like commerce raiding in lesser-priority sectors like Gemini, which would be exactly where we see them. WC3 and Privateer happen basically...
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    Vega IX or VII (again)

    In Wing Commander, colonies sometimes have militia fighters or basing facilities for the same, as well as sometimes playing host to mercenaries (like, say, the player in Privateer). Think about the amount of damage a few Raptors could do to a logistics line in the WC2 era. Sure, they're not...
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    New Game: Sins of a Solar Empire

    Unless you manage to shoot yourself in the foot somehow, Sins generally doesn't run quickly enough to overwhelm you at the normal speed. You actually don't need to pause it all that often. I find myself using the speed up function much more than the pause. The 'micromanagement' is less of an...
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    Saga graphics help!

    Some research via Google suggests that the chip doesn't support hardware transform and lighting, which is a requirement for FS2_Open (and, therefore, Saga). I'm not sure there's anything you can do short of getting a new graphics card. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Saga graphics help!

    Uh oh. Onboard chips tend not to interact well with FS2_Open. Since it's the engine underlying Saga, this does not bode well for you. Go into the Device Manager, if you would (Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager under XP, it's directly under the Control Panel in Vista). Now...
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    Light Carrier Battlegroup 23

    Naukar-class Kilrathi Fleet Carrier The main Kilrathi class of fleet carrier of the first twenty years of the war, the Naukar became infamous at the Battle of McAuliffe for the torpedo strikes their bombers launched that crippled the Confederation's battle fleet. Visually similar to the later...
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    What are the Union of Border Worlds major systems and etc

    He's right. A number of systems and bases in Gemini are on the border, but very few if any of Gemini's worlds joined the UBW when it broke away in 2673, and the Firekkans similarly are not part of the Border Worlds, even though they're on the border between the humans and the Kilrathi.
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    Light Carrier Battlegroup 23

    Vega 1 Vega System Date: 2654.113 In the outer reaches of the Vega system, eponymous system of the Vega Sector, two small spacecraft cruised alone on a vector from nowhere that went somewhere even more boring. As the spacecraft moved closer, the green-and-white paint scheme became clearer...
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    Light Carrier Battlegroup 23

    Based around TCS Ticonderoga, an older Yorktown-class light carrier, Light Carrier Battlegroup 23 is mainly either a defensive asset or supporting pushes my major carriers, including the Bengal-class TCS Tiger's Claw, in their push into the Vega Sector. Currently assigned to the Vega system...
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    A new way of looking at WC guns

    The Reaper was introduced on the Excalibur, as I recall. They also went out of service very promptly - powerful, but temperamental. Unlike, say, the tachyon guns, which were introduced commercially by 2669 and were common to both sides (as their presence on the Bloodfang demonstrates, as does...
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    *waves to indicate interest*
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    Hurricane Katarina

    I think I read something about them focusing on the gangs and the people grabbing stuff other than food and critical supplies. In other news, about 200 people from New Orleans arrived on UWG's campus yesterday afternoon. They're being put up in a dorm that was going to be torn down later this...