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  1. Rizack

    The Mush i play and my Story

    this is the picture i made for the story part of what i wrote above. where the Ares place holder is.. i cant figure out how to edit my orignail post so i guess there is a time limit or some thing.
  2. Rizack

    The Mush i play and my Story

    hello all im new to these forums i would like to share my story with you on this mush im playing i will continue to modify this post in order to inform you of any resent char developments of my char on the mush. i do this also in hopes in getting more like minded fans and new comers to the...
  3. Rizack

    Wing Commander fighter models for Homeworld 2

    very nice man you making a homeworld 2 mod? if you need a tester i will :D i just need to figure out how to get wine working again... with homeworld 2