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  1. Mincemeat

    WC1: eject while Claw explodes

    The Bonnie Heather was notorious for having its invulnerability flag set. As for the Concordia - if I recall, the mass Grikath torpedo runs at one of the mission which occurs in normal gameplay. Also, it can be destroyed in most capship CQB missions if you parry the phase-transit cannon...
  2. Mincemeat

    Fixin’ for a New Poll (January 30, 2022)

    Sparks it is, purely because of the double-entendre that flew over my then-young head when I first started playing WC2.
  3. Mincemeat

    Easter Eggs Abound in Squadron 42 Trailer (October 11, 2012)

    The cockpit VDUs in the hornet was Super Wing Commander style. I also see a touch of Starlancer with the presence of a turret on a small fighter. A bit off-topic, but the entire concept of a Terran empire seems to be much closer to Chris Roberts' original WC pitch.
  4. Mincemeat

    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    Consider the first Excalibur missions a soft introduction to things to come. The missions ramp up in difficulty but they will still feel like a spectator sport.
  5. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    Aah, it's always the most basic things that catch me out :oops: Turns out I did indeed somehow mix the two installations together. It works fine after a manual delete-and-reinstall. Thanks!
  6. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    As for the "calling a patch from within another patch", I was referring to this: I don't think I can do that here :(
  7. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    I tried the latest test dlls, the game no longer crashes under OpenGL mode :) Most of the time I get a black screen with no image. The game seems to be running - I have audio and it responds to keyboard and mouse clicks. Here's the dwrap_debug.txt when that happened. One time the game...
  8. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    Oh man, my previous post was almost unreadable :oops: I meant to say that I didn't have a secondary monitor or TV, and that setting the desktop colour depth to 16-bit gave the same crash report. Just wondering - is this dwrap patch similar to ddhack? I recall I could not use get ddhack to...
  9. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    Thanks for your suggestions HCl! I don't have a secondard monitor, so that is ruled out. I've tried setting the desktop colour to 16-bit, but it gave the same crash difference. Please find attached my DxDiag.txt Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks!
  10. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    For some reason only legacy mode is working correctly on my computer. Windows XP 32-bit SP3 nVidia GeForce 9600GT (latest driver 296.10) If I try to use opengl or ddraw modes I get the following debug file: Is there any thing I could try? Many thanks :)
  11. Mincemeat

    Wing Commander: Eagle Rising - A Game Idea

    In regards to the trasition from flying transports to fighters - perhaps you can incorporate it into a prologue campaign somehow... I envisage something like this: You start in a backwater system ferrying some pilots in an unarmed shuttle from a base to a carrier, with the basic flight...
  12. Mincemeat

    WC II...really hard.

    It just takes a long time for the difficulty to come down. I once tried doing this and have to die at least ~50 times, firing without hitting anything.
  13. Mincemeat

    Kill Count Challenge?

    Maybe we can have a derivative of the no-dying challenge would be to count the number of missions flown in one sitting before dying? (and post to youtube as one long clip)
  14. Mincemeat

    WC II...really hard.

    Taking a break often helps, especially if your previous play session was long enough for WC2's dynamic difficulty level to creep up to maximum level.
  15. Mincemeat

    WC II...really hard.

    I would try the following: - Pull back a bit from that Ralatha (or simply stop and let the fighters come to you) to create more room for dogfighting. - Telling Jazz to break and attack only when the Jalkehis are practically on top of you two. Having said that, I always ended up with Jazz...
  16. Mincemeat

    No In Flight Music In Privateer 2 - The Darkening Deluxe Edition

    I learnt how to use it by following the step-by-step guide available from that Microsoft link. I'm afraid there's not much else out there.
  17. Mincemeat

    No In Flight Music In Privateer 2 - The Darkening Deluxe Edition

    The Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit itself contains a brief description of each fix. Then I guess it's a matter of trial and error and see if in your case there is another shim available that will fix the issue.
  18. Mincemeat

    No In Flight Music In Privateer 2 - The Darkening Deluxe Edition

    I notice that you are running 64-bit version of XP. I'm not sure if that is the point of difference... The priv2.sdb applies the CorrectSoundDeviceId shim when running the program. Also, try using this application to change your default MIDI port and see if that will make a difference...
  19. Mincemeat

    Videos of Wing Commander Missions

    @centaurianmudpig: Nice flying and annotations, especially part #10. I look forward to see you tackle WC2 SO1.
  20. Mincemeat

    WC 2 mission help

    The Rapier's bunker like cockpit view usually leads the pilot to only yaw when flying, but also consider a pitching fight. Attacking Grikaths from underneath at maximum range is a handy skill to have.