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  1. Deathsnake

    meet the poster

    Also now a pic from me ;) turns this year 47 Oo - Old Man
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    New Lore Vid Follows the Tarawa's Adventures (January 19, 2022)

    I think also it is a Gilgamesh at the time. Remember also destroyer Group 3 at the Battle of Earth. Firing 16 Torps each and a high lost from Fighter Attacks. For me the RSI Perseus is a smaller Gilgamesh for Star Citizen. 2 STS Turrets 2 AA Turrets - Flak ammo is coming soon too 20 S5...
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    Happy Birthday Privateer 2! Enjoy a Fan Remade Cutscene (December 16, 2021)

    Yea. He add a lot of Star Citizen Models. You see it in the 3rd Video thumbnail - a Drake Kraken. In the flyby also a Corsair, Constellation, Buccaneer and a Mustang.
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    New Wallpaper Recreates Classic End Run Scene (December 6, 2021)

    Looks to me another Tarawa? But the same is one the original cover.
  5. Deathsnake

    Happy Birthday Star Citizen! (October 10, 2021)

    I was this year in a few keys disappointed - the show itself - was looking like a XL Version of the weekly ISC shows - nothing about SQ42 - at least some words or 2-3 scenes without a spoiler should be shown - we have nothing last year, nothing this year.... the Actors did not life forever...
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    Chris Roberts talks about his dream game in 1995

    Right. Star Citizen Scope make some people think it never will be released. So why the work with 2 new Studios? The Montreal Part with lots of EX UbiSoft Worker and the Studio Firesprite in England. Both gets the Tools from CIG to make Planets and the Systems. The other make now Theatre of War...
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    More Lore: Explaining the False Armistice (January 28, 2021)

    I upload my Video today but for the SC Comm - a Example why the Perseus or Polaris with the Torps are not laughable ;) The Perseus is just a shorter Gilga - 2 STS turrets, 2 Flakturrets and Torps Destroyer Group 3 went down at the Battle of Earth. Here they take out a Dreadnought :P Just one...
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    Squadron 42 Shifts Into Indefinite Pre-Beta Phase (December 29, 2020)

    Yea. But now after the new Letter, the Roadmap and Chris about Cyberpunk Release Disaster - not until Mid/End 2022. The Sq42 Chapter Team takes until Jan 2022 for the Chapter 27. And not sure if they hit + Beta + Release... End 2022 is now my guess.
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    Squadron 42 Shifts Into Indefinite Pre-Beta Phase (December 29, 2020)

    Great News. And I am the only one thinking the new RSI Perseus is some sort of Pocket Gilgamesh? Sure smaller and just 6 Crew instead of 250 Crew. Both Ships 2 Ship to ship cannon 2 Flak on the Gilga - 2 x 2 Gatlings on the Perseus Torpedos on both. Remember the Tarawa Raid with the TCS...
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    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    I love the Thunderbolt VII. Also Fan of the F/A 57 Sabre. Thats why i so in love with the Vanguard - here the Harbinger Bomber in Star Citizen. 38m - a bit longer but with Interiour etc. 3 Torpedos also inside. A Fighter / Bomber. Heavy Front Gun, 4 smaller one, Turret with Rockets, Underside...
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    TCS Concordia (from movie) Here are another shot, the Movie Claw, Dilligent and Snakeir
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    TCS Concordia (from movie)

    Take the model from Cloud Imperium Games Lobby
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    The Story Behind the Crossbow 'Bomber' (October 25, 2019)

    Sure not in Corvette size landing anywhere. How big as Corvette? Kamekh Size? 130m? Or another Venture at 80m? But it would sure a lot of fun flying a Capital ship in Wing Commander 2. Slower and less agile as the Broadsword but with also several turrets with more Firepower - Flak. Run into a...
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    Happy Birthday Star Citizen! (October 10, 2019)

    Also a few others. I like the Banu Video...heck a full story in the Verse in that style 🖖
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    Wing Commander Saga via Freespace Open

    Some errors with the Freespace Knossos Version For example the start is auto. You cannot start alone. Some missions are buggy. But in another terms the Engine uses the later build for effects. See the shield effects here also Explosions, Wrecks etc look much better. Also the limited ships you...
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    German Video - PC Player

    They don't upload it on the PC Player channel because the Armada Vid was a AVI in the Database. The old Database has some Vids - Rebel Assault, Strike Commander, Fifa, Comanche etc. 15-30 sec long. This is from the 11/1994 CD-ROM. I just take the Wing Commander Videos on my channel :) Boris did...
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    German Video - PC Player

    Back in the days of 1994! the PC Player was the first magazine with a CD-ROM and Reviews & Previews in videoformat. The Player had a Database and here i upload again the old Review of Wing Commander Armada - that Video was done in that month of Release ;) PC Player was the predecessor of the...
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    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    I like the Thunderbolt VII in WC3 a lot. Missiles, good guns, Torpedo and even a back turret. But my all time favorite is the Sabre.
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    New 3D Thread

    Can't wait also for Ingame. Homeworld 2 Mod from LIF or the WC Saga Mod from crazycanuck. The Waterloo was as well as the Ralatha and Fralthra in the WC1 timeline. The TCS Leningrad Waterloo was destroyed by Hobbes Fralthi. Also Flat Commander. Hope someone finish it in your style.