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    Cockpit for Paradigm/Drayman

    They're purchasable from Perry Naval Base (along with some other Confed ships) once you complete the original campaign.
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    The dumb cloake and the lack of enemies

    My opinion would be that the Cloak should have a limited amount of battery time (say, 3 minutes or so) and make it only rechargable at Kilrathi bases. Either that or make it so that it shuts off automatically when hostiles come into rance. (I do that anyway a lot of the time.)
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    After last ES job

    You need to hit a mining base that ISN'T in Rygannon. You'll find Sandra Goodin there.
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    wishlist for 2.0 or latter

    Yes, I have. I always do that campaign branch before the main one. Oh, so THAT'S what WCU is. I thought it was something completely separate. Yeah, I found it shortly after my post but couldn't edit it for some reason.
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    My impression was that if you had a higher level shield than your reactor could handle, your capacitors (gun/afterburner indicator) would drain and then your shield strength would drop to where the reactor COULD handle it. This doesn't happen to me using a Tarsus with Reactor 1/Shield 2.
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    wishlist for 2.0 or latter

    I think you still get the Demons in small waves, it's just that they're vastly overpowered at the moment and the enemy pilot AI makes them almost impossible to hit when they go evasive. Anyway, here's my wishlist. (Please not I am not a purist, I do not care how much it diverges from the...
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    I think the reactor levels are thrown off because your starting reactor is a "Reactor Level 0" instead of "Reactor Level 1"; if your logic was right, you would have a power deficit from the time you started a new game until you got a Reactor L1, and I'm quite sure you don't. I was fine with L2...
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    You don't actually have to buy maps in the Remake; you can make your own map just by flying around. As you reach each system, all the other systems you can jump to from there will appear on your map. Here are my personal tips, from experience. Upgrade priority for Tarsus: Tungsten Armor...
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    Are cloaking devices available in Privateer?

    I believe that you have to finish Soren's mission branch of the side campaign to be able to get the Cloaking Device, but I don't know that for a fact. And yeah, it's a really cool piece of equipment. Makes intersystem travel a LOT safer if you aren't looking for a fight.
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    That's what I meant; I sell my guns off, but then I can't re-equip them if I have no part slots open. They don't take slots for some reason.
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    Is there a way to swap components between the ships in your fleet?

    I know for a fact it happened once, when I was selling the Tachyon Guns on my Demon at New Detroit. I'll confirm it now. *a few minutes later* Confirmed. I sold one Tachyon Gun at ND, then bought it back. Selling it got me 10,000 (normal sell price) and it only cost me 10 to buy back. I...
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    Is there a way to swap components between the ships in your fleet?

    I also believe you get full price when you sell it. Every time. (Woohoo, free money!)
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    I've finished both main campaigns (Privateer and Righteous Fire) plus the side campaign (Syrai and Soren branch), and have still yet to see a Drayman, despite actively looking for them every time I'm somewhere with a ship dealer. I especially want one so I can see what kind of money there is to...
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    Is there a way to swap components between the ships in your fleet?

    I believe there's support for a "My Stash / Equipment" feature (which would facilitate that) in Vegastrike's engine, but it's not implemented here yet. Don't quote me on it, though.
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    Here we go. The two Light-Missile hardpoints on Gladius cannot be equipped with Tractor Capability, while the single one on a Demon can. Possibly not a bug, I dunno. The Centurion can only equip L4 shields and reactor once you reach RF. It should be L5. Gladius in RF can still only...
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    Palan 1 woes & save/load trouble

    I have serious trouble with my game. Currently, when I load it, I'm dumped right into the middle of a firefight during Palan mission 1. I get shredded, I die, and when I respawn, it puts me right back there, only it leaves the Demons already there and spawns even more. I can't get anywhere...
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    That happened to me on the final Tayla mission; I ended up having to fight three sets of William Riordian and his cronies. Barely came out of it alive.
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    The Proper Remake?

    Speaking of the Demon, instead of super-nerfing them, would it be possible to make two versions? One as they are in the Remake now (Mark 2, or Super Demon maybe, and make them REALLY expensive, on the order of 500,000 maybe) and one as they should be? I really, REALLY like how the Demon flies...
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    Target Tracking on Guns

    Okay, here goes. 1. You cannot change what mount you have an Autotracker on, nor can you sell the Autotracking Capability itself. You have to just live with it. 2. I've heard around here that the Autotracking system works better with radars that have ITTS, which would be the Iris MK3...