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    Scenario 2: Destroyer Battle

    (Open Channel) Comrades of the Confederacy! Do not listen to this frightened kitten's mewling lies. Hurt though we may be, our force remains whole, and our scars shall only make us fight the harder! While one of their wayward fighters, 'guided' by another hapless runt, spins helplessly off...
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    Flak in v0.14 too powerful?

    Maybe damage or the hit penalty could depend on class, like damage to the ion drive depends on class when a hard brake fails. Or don't allow a single capship to fire more than one flak cannon into the same hex in the same turn. Stacked flak fire seems to be particularly painful to light...
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    Due to health reasons...

    Best of luck, and get well!
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    Rules, Missile Trajectory

    In general, that makes sense: the routes to the ships to port and starboard of the fighter are logical, given your rules. However, it seems to me that the most distant ship is more to the front than to the 60 starboard of the fighter, and so the missile would follow the red path rather than the...
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    rules: Destroyer turning

    Next question: can a partially completed acceleration/deceleration/turn be cancelled? I.e. you decide the next turn that you just want to keep going straight, or not decelerate, etc.? If not for the destroyers currently in play, what about something like the Fralthra, with a turn rate of 1/3?
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    WCTO Manual

    Thanks for the clarifications. Avacar got what I was driving at about the HS missiles, and I understand now. I agree; the 0.14 manual is clear about the firing arc (especially thanks to the diagram, as noted) but should also be clear about the "receiving" arc.
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    WCTO Manual

    Hello Ironduke, A couple of comments, if I may. I'm reading this manual only for the second time, but there are a few things that I think could perhaps be clarified. ------------ -In the discussion on Movement, particularly in Banking, you could maintain a useful distinction between Speed and...
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    Looking for volunteers for a WCTO test game

    Hi all, I'm a friend of Avacar; he invited me to join in for this round. If it's still possible to join the scenario, I'd like to do so. (Preferably on Avacar's side, but I don't mind terribly either way.)