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    Konami's "Salamander"

    Salamander is sort of a "sister" series to Konami's other hit shooter series Gradius. Only the first Salamander game came out in North America, but over here it was called "Lifeforce". Strangely enough, in 1987, one year after the original Salamander arcade game came out in Japan, Konami...
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    Why no Crusader material?

    It was also ported to the Sega Saturn. Anyway, yeah, Crusader kicked ass. I remember back in 1997, me and my younger bro were so obsessed with that game. Why'd they just give up on it? Those two games were awesome!
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    Kind of a newbee, people.

    Alright, I've known about WC's existance since the early 90's, but I never got to actually play it until last year when I played the original on EA Replay for the PSP, and this year, when I played the Sega CD version. Many of you have probably been into the franchise longer than I have, so I...