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    So, what else is GOOD on GOG?

    Wait, WHAAAAAAAAAAT?? I-War is on GOG??? Oh, [insert deity], it's true! There is justice in the world. (Translate: I-War is awesome through and through. However, it's probably the most difficult game I've ever played. I think I could finish the training missions without invulnerability, but...)...
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    Dralthi Mk. VII crashed near Sweden?

    *Nod* Move along, nothing to see here. :D
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    Selling tons of old games

    Perhaps not entirely suitable, but I thought I'd mention that I'm selling not just a few of my games to clear shelf space - including what Wing Commander games I have. It's a Swedish auction site, but I think you can puzzle it out (even with Google Translate/Babelfish). Someone has already laid...
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    RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

    I'm hoping the lines 'a Mod'/'the Mod WC2 Remake' are separated in time for release? :) Also, I felt it was a bit unfortunate that the HQ in 'K'Tithrak Mang HQ' ended up on a new line - it made it a little unintuitive to read... [The lines I'm talking about are shown using the training-msg SEXP...
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    Free space simulator

    Haven't I seen something like this before? Celestia, or something? Anyway, the more the merrier, I say.
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    Fifty Voices of the Three Wars

    Ah, welcome back! (... Uh, I'm the one to talk, am I?) And, AGAIN, I find your commatization lacking. :p Second paragraph in white, for instance. It might look better like this: 'I’d been sent into a war zone feeling anything but ready for it, and, what’s more, I was the only rookie on the...
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    Help Remembering a Spacefight Scene

    Chaosbringer: is an excellent place to spend $6. ;)
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    Going to Iceland in early May?

    I wasn't sure where else I could post this with a straight face. See, I'm graduating this spring (woo!) from Iceland's Academy of the Arts ( - essentially minuscule departments for most artforms and architecture brought together under one administration to make running them a credible...
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    WC-Saga looking for Beta Testers

    Great news! Wish I was at a suitable computer to sign on for it...
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    7: It's been... a while since I last ran the WC1-installer. Is there an option to save the configuration, maybe? If so, you'll want to do that - should get you that wingcmdr.cfg and all the benefits that come with it. Since you're running Win7 you might as well double-check that you have...
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    Did I break the plot in Privateer 2?

    It never happened to me... I hope you have an earlier save to go back to - not that this is very far into the game, though, so it shouldn't be a disaster if you don't. That's all I can suggest. Maybe you'll want to wait for others to pitch in. But I can't see why this would happen. I'm no coder...
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    Privateer 2 The Darkening Savegame and exe editor

    ... D00d! I very nearly have to have another go at P2 just to check this out! Good initiative.
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    Miner Wars

    And I'm going to WISH against all hope that I can find the time for it...
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    Wing Commander Music Coming to Live Orchestra! (April 25, 2010)

    I second that! I'm not wild about the medley-idea - depends on the length of the fragments, I guess - but it's an exciting trend. I wonder when they'll give Myst a thorough airing out in the concert hall?
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    Mars by 2030 target - Obama

    :D I mean, that's probably the most rude thing to do when you're there (at present), but, yeah, that would be something to make me laugh.
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    Selecting a video card with TV out

    May it lead you to luck and good fortune. And my mother is one step closer to a real GPU (if an aging one).
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    Upgrade considerations.

    I dunno, I rather like this physical shop. Narrower inventory, true, but I won't have to worry about anything being designed for 115V AC instead of our 230V. And now it got difficult again... There is a very much affordable S-1156 MB by Gigabyte on offer - P55 US3 something-something, with a...
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    Selecting a video card with TV out

    Hm... HaHA! I so happen to have a Radeon 9600 Pro AGP that I might soon-ish part with. Good enough? (Otherwise, I'll give it to my mom. I'm embarrassed she's still running on a built in GeForce MX240, or whatever it was...)
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    Alexander: There is a very small chance that I might still have it, but since I finished SL, I felt that was FOR GOOD, and uninstalled/deleted just about everything connected to it (HD-space running low). I can't check until one month from now, though. If you search high and low and backwards...