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    Happy Birthday Chris! (March 17, 2023)

    Hear! Hear! Happy Birthday Chris!
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    Marketing, 1995 Style (March 7, 2023)

    My sarcasm detector is going off...but I wasn't sure. I had a Mac in 1996, we had a lot more than that... We had 20 games!
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    A Pro Stick Paired With an Action Hit (January 11, 2023)

    I had a 2 gravis mousestick IIs for early Mac OS growing up (had 2 Macs in the house). They look a lot like that joystick but they are beige, and connected to the apple mouse serial port. Despite feeling flimsy by today's standards, and yellowed, they still both work fine. Gravis made good...
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    Correct. Not sure what you mean by this. If you could explain this reasoning? I could see it being anyoing who fans of WC2 that would have hated this whole subplot. But the addition of this scene wouldn't have made that any worse I'd think. Anyway I don't see deus ex machina. Just the...
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    Very true, I didn't mean to downplay the shear amount of effort they did to make the story what it is. "This mattered in a different way to them then it does to me". Is exactly it, I very much agree. Absolutely, It was a total crime the left out that one scene where Hobbs leaves a...
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    There is a huge dividing line between 1+2 and 3+4 story in many regards. And lines in between each game, but especially between 2+3. Technology, game design, story, characters. This is just one more example of that. And to be honest, I'm fine with that. We as fans love to twist ourselves in...
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    Malcolm McDowell Speaks!

    This is fantastic! Thanks you @Klavs81! And thank you Mr. McDowell!
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    The return of MicroProse!

    I must say Tiny Combat Arena reminds me much more of "A-10 Cuba!" than the Micropose simulators at the time. If anyone remembers that gem. Which is a good thing as the MacOS version of A-10 Cuba! and A-10 Attack! were the perfect balance of simulator and fun which I don't think any one else has...
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    Chess Blog Delivers a Reality Check (July 21, 2021)

    Ke1 is check, can't move there (you forgot Black's a5 bishop) The only thing white can do is block the Queen which the Queen will take. First Knight then Bishop if you really want to stretch it out.. To say it's not checkmate is pedantic. Seems to me the author just has an axe to grind. But...
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    Wing Commander Armada Intro remake in 4K

    Oh wow! Also wow! Where did you find ToH4.0? I didn't realize Don Allen sent anything on the Midkar email list. Can't seem to find it. :(
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    Big Mac Attack (January 29, 2021)

    I still have all my CD's. WC3, SWC and the mac version of Systemshock were the real gems, and Warlock and Wolfpack were quirky but loved them still. Loved the mac version of the fun but cheesy Shock Wave Assault which also included Operation Jump Gate, such a great port of the 3DO game. It...
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    Star Wars: Squadrons - WC people playing it?

    Anyone got good ol XvT? Would love to play matches or coop missions on that. Now that was fun. :)
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    Wcdx - Kilrathi Saga for modern Windows

    Finally finding my KS cds, and trying this out. Awesome job! Works great in wine, which is something that even the original didn't
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    My Photobucket archive no longer free

    That's why I rigged up an old desktop at my house with nextcloud. Were there a lot of challenges to work through, yes. But totally worth it.
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    Watch Dralthi Evade Gratha's Mine in SM2 (October 28, 2020)

    Really? I've seen this before. Though come to think of it, it is a lot more common in the SNES version of Wing Commander. There the mine is a flashing red and blue ball. It will play the same sound effect that you get when you crash into a ship.
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    dang! I would have loved to see the results. :(
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    WC4 Fan Remake Launches Full-Featured Website (July 23, 2020)

    Umm You cant beat the price (it's free) I use this service all the time for my own projects. Highly recommended. Of course all my projects are linux boxes. Dunno if you are using windows and iis. Beats going streight up http in 2020 [EDIT] should read the whole...
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    Dang! Can we re do that yearly poll again? This is a great year for WC. :)
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    And if that doesnt pan out. Im sure police departments would love to hire you. Your work is amazing.
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    By George I think you got it! You are getting better with every attempt. Holly crap that's amazing.