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  1. Kyle Maverick

    Star Wars: Squadrons

    I think we're going to need more info on your laptop specs to answer that, as it works fine on my computer with a 3.8GHz AMD processor, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU and 18GB of RAM operating on Windows 10 Home
  2. Kyle Maverick

    Star Wars: Squadrons - WC people playing it?

    Your user name on Steam is a bit common, my friend code is 12666468 for Steam though if you'd like to add me
  3. Kyle Maverick

    Star Wars: Squadrons - WC people playing it?

    Sent you a friend request on EA, KyleMaverick (unsurprisingly)
  4. Kyle Maverick

    WC3's Unauthorized Guide Archived by Pix (June 17, 2019)

    I have a copy of this too. Strangely it was in all the shops near me that sold computer games where as the others I couldn't find anywhere
  5. Kyle Maverick

    Goodbye, Stephen Hawking (March 14, 2018)

    Farewell to a man who was not only a great scientist, but a man with a great sense of humour. I think the collective IQ of Humanity just dropped several points
  6. Kyle Maverick

    Tie Fighter

    Target them and fly within 0.5 or maybe 0.2 and you'll automatically scan them
  7. Kyle Maverick

    STEAM Friends list

    FECK! I'm too short on cash to get it!
  8. Kyle Maverick

    STEAM Friends list

    Nice of Steam to tell me. /sarcasm. Accepted
  9. Kyle Maverick

    STEAM Friends list

    It doesn't let you add notes, but I've sent you a request as [TWA] KyleMaverick. In case anyone's wondering, the TWA bit stands for "Taffy With Attitude", it's a joke me and some mate came up with
  10. Kyle Maverick

    STEAM Friends list
  11. Kyle Maverick

    Elite: Dangerous

    I'm playing now as well. I will admit I'm not as good at it as I was at Frontier and First Encounters
  12. Kyle Maverick

    GOG Galaxy and the wing commander series

    Personally, I think that one should be called "Kicked the Little Twerp's Ass" after what Captain Eisen says to you
  13. Kyle Maverick

    Another Wing Commander mention, "The Five Space Sims That Defined my Youth"

    Yeah I caught that after I was able to read it fully. It's the problem with being at work when someone slaps something up like that.
  14. Kyle Maverick

    Another Wing Commander mention, "The Five Space Sims That Defined my Youth"

    Had a look and not seen anything about this posted yet. Mate of mine posted this to my wall on Facebook. Wing Commander is the second game listed and the one that gets the most said about it...
  15. Kyle Maverick

    This looks familiar...

    I saw this for sale in a local supermarket. So going back to get one on payday!
  16. Kyle Maverick

    Starting to buid my own squadron

    Of Wingnuts that is. My newest daughter, Brooke "Wolf", born at 6:44 this morning (GMT) weighing 7lb 6 and a half oz, heavier than her big sister, Bailey "Dragon", but smaller than her
  17. Kyle Maverick

    Wing Commander 3 Free on Origin

    Haven't seen this already posted so...... loaded up my origin account when I got in from work and WC3 is currently free. Got my copy downloading already (even though I have the GOG version, figure always good to have a back up).
  18. Kyle Maverick

    Aaron Allston passes

    I didn't realise till after reading the Wraith Squadron books that he wrote Claw Marks. I just happened to be glancing through my copy when I spotted his name in the credits to it. It's kinda strange that the last few days I've actually been listening to the audio books of his two contributions...
  19. Kyle Maverick

    Aaron Allston passes

    Saw a link on Facebook by the Star Wars 501st Legion saying he'd passed. Did a quick search and yes, Aaron Allston, writer of Claw Marks passed away last night aged 53. Better known among Star Wars fans as the writer of the Wraith Squadron books...
  20. Kyle Maverick

    Wing 4 Actors Test Their Might (October 18, 2013)

    They weren't that I ever noticed. Casper Van Dien appears when Blair first boards the Lexington, then never appears again that I could see, Cat-Scratch doesn't appear for another 3 or 4 scenes. Unless there's another scene Casper appears in the background of that I've missed