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    Star Wars taking some influence from Wing Commander

    So, I was looking around on Amazon earlier and was reminded of something interesting in the Star Wars Armada miniature game: the Onager class Star Destroyer, which looks very similar to the TCS Midway. I just found it interesting, and thought you guys might, as well. Sorry if this is a repost...
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    Conscription or forced service in the Kilrathi War?

    Shame they couldn't have gotten the extra money to add add Merlin and keep the traitor subplot going. As is, I actually do enjoy the movie fairly well, but it would have been nice to have those scenes in and make a better, more complete movie with a better arc and development for Blair.
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    Conscription or forced service in the Kilrathi War?

    I also like the idea of another war some of the characters went through, I like the idea of them being the people who explored much of the galaxy and I don't mind their intuitive ability to navigate jumps, either. The idea of the Pilgrim saboteurs working with the Kilrathi was a neat idea as was...
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    Conscription or forced service in the Kilrathi War?

    Crazy, but fascinating at the same time, Quarto!
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    Conscription or forced service in the Kilrathi War?

    Huh... I have been thinking about this since last year when I was re-reading the books (if not before), I'm surprised that little reference skipped by me. Thanks! 500? Dang, even the Vesuvius didn't have that many fighters! Even the Midway megacarrier had fewer. I wonder what he was thinking...
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    Conscription or forced service in the Kilrathi War?

    I've recently gotten back into Wing Commander and thought occurred to me I was hoping someone could clarify for me. Do you think that during the 30 (?) years of the Kilrathi War that there was ever a conscription or Israeli-style forced service in Confed? It takes a lot to fight a war and this...
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    Wing Commander Tattoo

    How about: "You're either an earthworm or an eagle." Or something along those lines.
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    wing commander 4 and prophecy

    There is a Tech Support section on these boards. There are several topics on how to work the games on XP. Check out some of those topics, they should help.
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    War of the Worlds

    I enjoyed the movie, although I didn't like the end very well. Just for the record I didn't mind the way the aliens were destroyed, that was fine, it was the other part of the ending that bothered me.
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    In Empire Strikes Back one of Vader's officers tells Vader that "a starship approaches, X-Wing class," or something of the sort. I could check the book upstairs if you wish, but it is an older version that my father had. I wouldn't think so, the Force has a strong influence on the weak minded...
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    Intrepid picture

    Thank you very much, Dragon1, it is greatly apprciated.
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    Intrepid picture

    If it is not too much trouble, yes I would like for you to rip that picture for me. Thank you very much.
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    Intrepid picture

    I was wandering if anyone here has a picture of the Intrepid coming out of a jump point or maybe a scene when the Vesuvius is coming out of a jump point chasing the Intrepid, I think there is a scene like that. Any help would be great.
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    My first Wing Commander game was WC IV for the Playstation (I believe), and that was mostly because either my brother or my father told me that Mark Hamill was in it, although I did like the Wing Commander Academy TV show. Now I can also recall a time when I rented the first Wing Commander...
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    Battle of Venice

    There is something, it is really good, but why is it a disgrace to have the transport named after him? I don't know much about the Kilrathi, I know they are a very proud race, but I still don't see how it is a disgrace...
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    Is Killing Kilrathi and Nephilim more justified than Humans?

    So then what kind of justification can you give for Wing Commander IV and Prophecy? There was no real war, but there were two sides. You seem to have emphasized the fact that it is important for you to be in a war, but do you consider armed combat war if no war is declared? During Prophecy we...
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    Is Killing Kilrathi and Nephilim more justified than Humans?

    Yes that is true, but the idea still remains that Confed and the Border Worlds are both at one point trying to take your life. During a time of conflict like this it best to shoot back when you are being shot at, it shouldn't matter if the people aren't really "evil," the point is they are...
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    An "academic" discussion...

    How could this be true? I thought that they mentioned that Maniac and Blair had just graduated from the academy at the begining of the movie, yet in the series they are all still in the academy in the series (hence the name Wing Commander Acadaemy). Not only that, but they have the rank of...
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    Pilot Crew Check in

    Because of Wing Commander, I have thought about joining the Air Force. I don't think I would be the military type, though. Although I have said in the past that if I HAD to join the military for some obscure reason then I would definately try the Air Force first. This is because of games like...
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    Is Killing Kilrathi and Nephilim more justified than Humans?

    Maybe you don't realize that that saying holds true to the Black Lance in Wing Commander IV, albeit it was on a much lower scale, but the basic comcept is still the same. Aliens are still living beings, they love, they have feelings, they have families and they have souls. They are similar to...