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    weird speed bug

    You must have hit "F9", while targeting someone moving toward you. That causes the 0 point of your speed to match your target. Press "F10" To reset your speed relative to the local sun. EDIT: Oops, just noticed that you said reset speed isn't working, either. Nevermind, I don't know...
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    Help required concerning RF

    Roman Lynch is the one who clears your record. You find him in one of the bases that Tayla sends you to. You meet her first at Oakham in Pentonville. --Brandon Young
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    Is there a way to swap components between the ships in your fleet?

    swap components by selling off components from one ship, then switch to your other ship, and buy the component back. --Brandon Young
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    Enslave/Free Slaves, Hitchhikers

    unfortunately, freeing a slave turns him into a hitchhikker. And you can't enslave a hitchhikker. So that trick won't work. --Brandon Young
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    Harder to get better weapons/ships?

    I want to repeat that, in the original Privateer, if a base had a ship dealer, it sold everything. So the Remake makes it harder in that not ever ship dealer may have the equipment you want. On the other side, it is a lot easier to make money. I think I went from a starting Tarsus to a fully...
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    bug reports: mission enemies not hostile, weird damage effects

    I noticed that after I take heavy damage, sometimes a new upgrade category shows up called "Damaged" The Items under this category are printed in black, so they can't be read because the background is in black as well. Maybe you need to check that category to find your radar. If this isn't...
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    I would move the afterburners to the top of the list. It's the very first thing I buy. Also you can't use the shield upgrade effectively without the Reactor upgrade to give you the power to drive it. My priority list is Afterburners, Tungsten armor and hull, meson blasters, Reactor...
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    I think smuggling contraband to New Detroit and taking goods back to a pirate base would give you the best return for trading. I go back and forth between KM-252 and New Detroit for an easy smuggling run. I don't think the militia and confeds scan for contraband often enough. It is very...
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    Delta prime problem

    If you take a bounty mission, and go to the nav point where the bounty target is, your targeting computer automatically targets the bounty target when you get there. Lock that target in memory or don't switch targets until you destroy that one. --Brandon Young
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    Buying / selling ships

    From the way the interface works, you need to buy a new ship so that your Taursus will show up under "My Fleet" in the Ship dealer screen, where you will be able to sell it. And, you don't NEED to sell your equipment first. You just won't get your money back for your upgrades unless you do. :-)
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    Eden system -RF final mission?

    The super-enemies aren't there continuously. They are only there when generated by the last mission in Righteous Fire. The rest of the time, the system is currently empty in the Remake. In the original game, the random encounters were the average 2-4 retros in Talons, nothing that would...
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    Problems with Savegames

    I beat the third oxford mission without editing the save game files. It took me several tries. I think the best way to describe it was that I exploited a glitch in the game's persistent world state. I hired 3 merchants for wingmen and tried to finish the mission, when I still failed, I killed...
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    Delta prime problem

    Jolson is in XXX-1927. You go there to start the Righteous Fire campaign. If you want to be friends with any faction, kill their enemies. The Retros are an exception, they hate everyone else, so you can never be friends with them. To be friends with pirates, you can kill merchants...
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    Delta prime problem

    Privateer 2 is a different game. It takes place in a completely separate area of space and a completely different character as well. The game makers would have to implement another whole complete game if they wanted to make Privateer 2. --Brandon Young
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    Delta prime problem

    Destinee starts the Remake-only plotline. I'm not sure if talking to her might have messed up the game or not. If you can, you might restore from the saved game after getting the steltek gun. Go to Rygannon and get the last payment from Taryn Cross, then fly straight to Macabee in the...
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    Enemy lasers vs. mine

    Maybe the computer is draining their power reserves so the lasers are firing in something like single fire. When the energy reserves get low, there isn't enough energy to fire all of the guns, so it fires whetever guns it can, then when the energy reserves recover enough, it fires the other...
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    Delta prime problem

    You're doing everything right. The drone is currently invulnerable and following you. That is what is supposed to be happening. When you get tired of running, land on any mining base other than Rygannon and go to the bar. EDIT: And avoid going to Jolson for the time being. That starts...
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    Eden system -RF final mission?

    I don't see a reason to make it a semi-one-way jump point. In the original game, once I started Righteous Fire, I was able to use the jump point. I didn't have to wait for the last mission. To be true as a remake, the jump should work before the last mission as well. --Brandon Young
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    You know you're a privateer when...

    When hearing about thefts from libraries, you immediately think of the data thefts from Oxford. See Slashdot link: Stolen Library books --Brandon Young
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    Galaxy jump drive

    The military has the best equipment, so I recommend buying military surplus to outfit your ship. Go to Perry Naval base to pick up the best scanners and weapons. I actually found no need to buy maps at the software booth. When taking missions, the nav course is programmed in to your...