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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    they that can give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -ben franklin
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    cuz screaming at bush is useful cuz he deserves everything ever said negatively against him?
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Michael Moore first off isnt a hippy, a hippy would be a member of the peace movement of the mid and late 60s (or someone who shares the views thereof) advocating basically equality for all mankind, civil liberties for everyone to be respected without people pushing their own beliefs on others...
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    Best movie quote

    "All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction. Everybody just gotta keep f*ckin' everybody 'til they're all the same color" Warren Beatty in Bulworth
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    the saber can be made to carry em right?
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    Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?

    Well we know it didnt work for the TC, thus the TC situation is not like comparable to the modern day world, but rather to WW2 (well it was ww2 in space) and id say like the false peace, had the allies been dumber could have worked in ww2 as well, had like Rommel and his buddies succeeded in...
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    The CIC OT Zone's Official You're All Huge Idiots Religion Thread

    Preacher and Vindicator, your positions in respect to homosexuals, especially about allowing them to adopt children, makes me ASHAMED to be a human
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    The CIC OT Zone's Official You're All Huge Idiots Religion Thread

    actually no they wouldnt. Pedopheliacs are almost exclusively heterosexuals. sorta seems against the definition, but homosexuality is a genetic thing, pedophelia is an aquired characteristic.
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    Wing Commander Academy's Place?

    are we sure that those in the simulators werent in fact wildcats? Cuz i would assume a wildcat and a hellcat would be similar.
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    The CIC OT Zone's Official You're All Huge Idiots Religion Thread

    yea because the scientific evidence says that homosexuality is based on genetics and not choice, that means that clearly it must be a choice. Right there overmortal.... :rolleyes:
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    The CIC OT Zone's Official You're All Huge Idiots Religion Thread

    well it really isnt against the first commandment to worship other gods or other beings at all. What does the first commandment say? "I am the lord thy god, thou shalt worship no other gods BEFORE me" this means that the god of the bible must always be #1 on your list of dieties/things to...
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    The CIC OT Zone's Official You're All Huge Idiots Religion Thread

    Catholics arent separeate from christians, protestants are. The vast majority of christians are either Roman Catholic or belong to sects that are much closer to catholicsm than to protestantism, protestants make up a very tiny minor minority of christians when compared to Roman Catholics (the...
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    The CIC OT Zone's Official You're All Huge Idiots Religion Thread

    as well as touching a pig's skin (too bad for all you football players) wearing clothes made of too different cloths (actually i think this is against mixing animal cloth and plant cloth, either way, most of us have worn such clothing at some point) planting too different crops next to...
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    To the PETA...

    Every single human being who eats any plant or animal that has been domesticated (ie every person except maybe for a few hermits eating wild berries and some venison) is eating GM food. The only difference is that now rather than having to spend years upon years breeding for a specific trail...
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    Need pics of WCM fighters

    and id take you out in my Raptor, Saber, Thud, Banshee, Wasp
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    Pre WC1 Kilrathi fighters

    Loaf forgive me if i am wrong, but weren't Ferrets used in End Run and didnt end run happen in 2668? if so, then one of the few errors that may have been there has been found, hope this helps
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    Political correctness.

    LeHah, you are unfortunatly wrong about the shirt issue becuase students are under the control of the school and they do not have their rights, its the same way the school can penalize you for using profanity, children especially in a school do not have the same amount of rights as normal...
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    To the PETA...

    worf: most intelligent environmentalists (read: those who think beyond 5 years and actually care what kind of world their kids grow up in, both economicaly and evironmentally) would not say "dont cut down trees" they would say, "dont cut down trees unnecessarily and wherever possible use younger...
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    Sure to be riveting and powerful...

    Preacher is very wrong in this debate, there is not a SINGLE primary source document that exists to demonstrate the existance of jesus of nazareth. THere are secondary source documents but secondary source documents only mean that the myth existed by the time they were writen, they cannot prove...
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    Claw Marks & Blueprints

    I just noticed this but the writer of Clawmarks is none other than Arron Alliston, the writer of the excelent Star Wars Xwing series (he wrote half of them, the ones about wraith squadron)