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    Raptor Model

    Actually in X-wing Alliance, the X-Wing's and B-Wing's have guns that will converge at the distance where your target is provided that you're actively targeting it. This makes the cannons much more useful and shredding tie fighters that much easier, because it's quite easy to get all four lasers...
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    Hakaga Mission Challenge

    Provided that you did a good job in the previous mission, the Hakaga mission isn't all that hard provided that you take out a good number of hangers on the Hakaga, and then taking out the turrents. The wingmen are good enough on hero to finish it and the Snakeirs and the Hakaga off. I still...
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    How many downloads?

    Just a rebuttal on profitability...hopefully the people who did standoff didn't do it 9-5 every day.
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    How many downloads?

    First off, I've recently discovered WC Standoff and have been really impressed with the entire project and would like to thank everyone who had anything to do with it. It was one of the most enjoyable WC games I've played. I was wondering just how many times stand off was downloaded. It's...
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    Killing Cap Ships

    When killing cap ships, are you required to use torpedos ala WC2, or do you only have to dish out sufficient damage to the critical components in order to kill them?