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    Making the Games: Tigershark Artwork (November 14, 2008)

    The Tigershark was my favorite from WCP. -SK
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    Very rare WCP promo item, circa 1997

    That could possibly be one of the most rarest WC memorabilia items ever. . . problem is that it lacks a certain sense of cool that actually makes an item memorable. Go figure. -SK
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    Technosaurs: Locked and Loaded (July 20, 2008)

    I just wanted to give a thanks to all the work you guys have done on the archiving. I look foreword to the updates. However, do take your time. As hungry as the WC community is no one with any sense wants you guys to get burned out. I want you guys to enjoy your part of the process as much as...
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    GameTap to Discard Pile (August 8, 2008)

    I'm a long time GameTap user, and I have to agree that it is poorly run. In the recent past it suffered from it not being allowed to be what it, and the community, wants it to be; which is a classic gaming library. They went off that and tired to make it a multimedia experience. I don't give a...
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    Making the Game - Part 70 (July 14, 2008)

    Looking forward to the update tonight. -SK
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    Making the Game - Part 69 (July 13, 2008)

    I'm really liking that version of the Panther as it feels closer WC to me. And of course the Vampire is as great looking as always. -SK
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    Making the Game - Part 68 (July 12, 2008)

    When I played WCP I had wished that it had a stronger art design connection to WCIII/IV. That said, I prefer the version of the Midway used. Even though it feels like too much of a jump into the future from the Carriers in WCIII/IV. I'm not really liking this Mono-Hammerhead design, but it does...
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    Eternal Vigilance: Voice Actor Needed (Details Inside)

    What's my motivation? Not to sound like a jerk but, what's the motivation? Is the person angry, confused, resigned to what he/she thinks fate will be? Is this causally spoken, is the person in a hurry? What? I do agree that this dialog seems unnatural.
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    Hawk on "Lost"

    He plays the captain of a cruise ship. They entire film is bad, and not college movie bad (which can be good) either, just bad-bad. He doesn't redeem the film.
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    Hawk on "Lost"

    I do not know if this has been mentioned but, "Pliers" appears in the movie Dorm Daze 2. He is in the movie about 20 minutes.
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    Jeremy Roberts "Dekker" in Veronica Mars episode

    I emailed the video clip (less than 5MB) to Right after the guest starring appearances credits.
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    Jeremy Roberts "Dekker" in Veronica Mars episode

    I was just watching TV, and there he was. I have the clip of him on the show in my computer TV cache, I'll retrieve it.
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    Jeremy Roberts "Dekker" in Veronica Mars episode

    Jeremy Roberts "Dekker" in tonights Veronica Mars episode.