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    Eden system -RF final mission?

    Has the Eden system been fixed yet? It would really be great if someone could put in a grey moon to fly to, and a jumppoint to Rikel. If this has already been accomplished by the remake crew it would be great if you could pool your resources with WCU project, after all we are one big happy WC...
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    Possible suggestion box improvements/ideas

    Cosidering that the Privateer and RF mission are the only "original" missions available to play in WCU right now I think it would be a good idea to fix the final mission of RF. I'm not sure if this has been done in the remake proper, but the WCU Eden system still lacks the all important grey...
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    What planet style do you prefer?

    Would you rather have the small style (privateer-like) planets, or would you prefer to have larger more realistic planets?
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    Possible suggestion box improvements/ideas

    A minor bug -The kilrathi dreadnought, which moves exactly like the Kamekh, ambushed me during Cpt Goodin's 5th mission in Blockade point alpha. Feeling that this was unfair I decided to be unfair myself and parked myself halfway through the ship in it's landing bay. I planned on...
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    Salthis still failing to load, but much less often

    Ok, I guess it may be a more generakized problem as doing the first Monte mission three Salthi failed to load in New Detroit as well. Thanks, Carl
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    Salthis still failing to load, but much less often

    Hey Spiritplumber, just wanted to let you know that I went back and played Goodin's Regallis mission again and one of the Salthis failed to load again, which I thought eas weird because I got the mission to work the other night. I quit the mission and tried to see if I could get it to screw up...
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    Thoughts on the Tractor Beam and Spaced Cargo

    I may be remembering this incorrectly, but didn't the cargo boxes in the original actually have more than one unit of the given cargo in it (i.e. tractoring in one cargo box labeled wood might actually add say 18 wood to your manifest). This obviously would make chasing cargo containers down...
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    Righteous Fire question can't talk to Terrell

    OK, I did the missions for Tayla, Murphy and Cpt Goodin. At this point I am supposed to be able to talk to Admiral Terrell right? I can't. When I go there I get the same "Where do you think you're going?" dialogue sequence that you normally get. Am I forgetting something or did my...
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    missing Salthi's

    Thanks spirit, no problems now Carl
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    Asteroid Fighters?

    Ok granted, but I continued to fight it for 3-4 minutes and still couldn't kill it. If this is hoe it's supposed to be thenthey seem to be about as tough as a Kamekh
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    WC:U intro movie

    cyberion, I was checking out your sites and the movie. You put out some really nice stuff. keep it up Carl
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    Asteroid Fighters?

    Yeah I remember them being tough, but have you tried to kill one in WCU? I sat behind on at 1500m for a good 15sec blasting one with four fusion guns. Carl
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    Asteroid Fighters?

    Okay so I flew to Tri Pahk to checkout the Kilrathi's weapon cache and buy some Dralthis to see how they fly and ran into some Asteroid fighters. They seemed to be exceptionally tough (in fact I ended up running away). I was wondering what others experiences have been with these. In past...
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    missing Salthi's

    Hey spirit and anyone else who may be coding for the project. I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that there seems to be a problem with the Salthi's loading properly in the 4th mission from Cpt. Goodin in the RF missions. This is the one that takes place in Regallis. When I go to the...
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    Galaxy jump drive

    If you can't buy shield or a reactor either it sounds like you bought a milspec version with the jump drive already in it.
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    So, do you like the new jump bubbles?

    I like 'em better than the old bubble, but I think the buoy could stand to be a bit bigger.