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    Happy Hogmany!

    Happy Hogmany to Everyone from me! Love Scotland!
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    first flight on monday!!

    I hate you! But only because I am jealous hehe. Seriously well done. :)
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    Of Epees and Broadswords...

    That's right it was a frigate. Sorry. I knew it was a light cap ship but got them mixed up. Thanks for poining it out :)
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    first flight on monday!!

    Cool. Yeah I used to fire L98s and the No. 8 .22 rifle. I also got to fire the L85 A1 one time when a TA officer took a few of us on one of thier range days. Never got a chance to fire the LSW though unfortunately. I loved the L98. Best single shot rifle I ever fired. I actualy remember shooting...
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    first flight on monday!!

    Congratulations bud! Did you fly the Tucano first before you got this far? What base are you on? I used to be in the ATC so I love hearing about guys in the RAF. Enjoy your flight :) Edit: Just noticed your location. I used to fly Grob Tutors up at RAF Leuchars and we used thier 25m barrack...
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    Of Epees and Broadswords...

    I think the nuke mine that was used in Action Station was an illegal one that they had on the privateer ship that Kruger served on before he was Captain of it. They used it in a last ditch effort to escape a Kilrathi corvette. I remember Kruger was shocked and pissed that the Privateer captain...
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    Your Top Five favorite Bands

    1. Lost Prophets 2. Linken Park 3. Five for Fighting 4. The Fray 5. The Corries
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    CIC Birthday Party Just Around The Corner (July 20, 2007)

    I will be there. I managed to make it for the first time last year and I loved it. I even managed to win a prize :) If theres anybody here who hasn't been at one of the CIC birthday parties yet I strongly recommend it. It's great fun. One of the best times of the year :)
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    Dragon*Con Parade Vid

    Hi guys. I was surfing through youtube last night looking for Wing Commander stuff and guess what I found? A nice video clip of the CIC gang in the Dragon*Con parade. You can check it out at
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    WC Fighters on Atmospheric Missions

    I don't have my copies of the books infront me at the moment but on the subject of atmospheric combat and weapons I think it mentions in Action Staion and End Run that fighters and bombers had special ordanance loadouts for atmospheric missions. For example I think remember Bear taking out a...
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    Most memorable wc moment

    Wing Commander I Landing on the Claw for the first time after completeing a mission on my own. Which took me a long time because I was pretty you when WCI first came out. I felt a great sense of achievment afterwards. I was shocked when I took damage for the first time and noticed parts of...
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    Your Favorite Taunt

    One of my all time favourites has got to be Vaquero's "Eat shit and die gato!" mainly because when I first heard it I didn't realy expect something like that from the laid back fighter jock. I also liked some of the comms you got from your wingmen when you got a good kill. Especially the ones...
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    EA Replay UK, Eh? (October 25, 2006)

    I am Scottish and I think there was no point in what that guy said. I didn't take what LOAF said the wrong way. The guy is just trying to be jerk for the sake of being a jerk.
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    WC and Ebay

    I have used ebay around a dozen times and the majority of what I got was Wing Commander stuff as its the best place for me to find the original games. I have never had any trouble with it. Just follow Chris's advice and stick to sellers with good feedback and you shouldn't have any trouble.
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    Classic Articles Reveals 1995's Anticipation (September 23, 2006)

    I realy liked the cockpits in the Wing Commander games. It gave you more of a feel for the ship that you were flying. I also used to like it when you were getting badly hit and then parts of the cockpit were being blown apart. For some reason that made me sit more on the edge of my seat when I...
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    The Word Game

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    The Word Game

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    Another Wing Commander Movie

    Wing Commander is also an officer rank in the RAF.
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    A funny parody on Text RPG games

    You need help.
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    What's Your Real Opinion About the Movie?

    The movie was never released in theatres over here in the UK but I remember walking into my local Blockbuster and seeing the tape there I was so excited that I rented it right away. As soon as I got it home I watched it and I remember thinking it was not like the game in the way I would have...